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Minnesota Default Schedule Request Form

Default Schedule Request.pdf This form identifies to the court what type of divorce you will be filing.Download

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State of Minnesota   
   Court File Number:   
   Case Type: 
In Re the Marriage of: 
Name of Petitioner  	 	
  Default Scheduling Request 
Name of Respondent	  	
COUNTY OF      	
       (County where Affidavit signed) 
The above entitled matter is submitted  for default scheduling as follows:  
(Check all appropriate boxes.)  
□ Approval without a hearing pursu ant to Minn. Stat. § 518.13, subd. 5. 
□  The marriage includes minor children, each party is represented by a lawyer and 
each party has signed a stipulation. 
□  The marriage does not include minor children and each party has signed a 
□  The marriage does not include minor children, at least 50 days  have elapsed since 
service of the Summons and  Petition, and the respondent has not appeared in the 
□  Default hearing required or requested. 
□ Marriage includes minor children. 
Submitted by:          	 
  Name of Party 	
Attorney Signature 
Attorney Lic. #:       
Street Address:       
DIV809 State  ENG  Rev 11/01-D  Page 1 of 1
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