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Affidavit of Default

Affidavit of Default.pdf This form identifies that one of the spouses or both, are going through a bankruptcy default.Download

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Affidavit of Default  Page 1 of 1  Approved by Conference of Chief Judges:  Draft	 
    Last Revised:  03/2003 	
State of Minnesota      District Court
County  Judicial District:  
    Court File Number:   
    Case Type:  Dissolution  
In Re the Marriage of: 
Name of Petitioner 	 	
 Affidavit of Default 
Name of Respondent	  
COUNTY OF      	
       (County where Affidavit signed) 
, being duly sworn, says: 
  I am the Petitioner in this action. The Summons and Petition were personally served on 
the Respondent on        	
(date) as shown by the Affidavit of Service on file. 
More than (30) thirty days have elapsed since the date service was made. No answer has been 
served on Petitioner or Petitioner’s attorney. 
 Wherefore, Petitioner requests that this action be scheduled for hearing as a default. 
Signature of Petitioner 	
      (Sign only in front of notary public or court administrator.) 
Sworn/affirmed before me this  Address:       
 day of     , 	. 	City/State/Zip:      	 	
       	 	Telephone:  (  ) 	 	
Notary Public  Deputy Court Administrator   
NOTICE TO PETITIONER: If Respondent has not served you with an Answer, the Court will 
review your pleadings administratively.  No court hearing is required.  To request an 
administrative review, wait until 51 days after the date Respondent was served with the 
Summons and Petition.  Then file the scheduling request form, asking for an administrative 
review- default with no children.
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