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Maine LLP Name Registration and Renewal Form

In the case of LLP wanting to register or renew its name in the State of Maine, $20 has to be paid for renewal and $200 has to be paid for registration. The Maine LLP Name Registration and Renewal Form has to be completed and submitted along with the mentioned fees.


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Deputy	 Secretary	 of S	tate 	
A Tr	ue Copy	 Whe	n Atte	ste	d By	 Signatur	e 	
Deputy	 Secretary	 of S	tate 	
        	       Filing Fee $20.00 per month.  Renewal Fee $	200.00. 	
(Nam	e of Foreign Lim	ited Liability Partnership) 	
Pursuant to 31 MRSA 	§806-A, 	the 	undersigne	d foreign lim	ited liability partnership execu	tes and delivers the following Applicati	on for 	
Registrat	ion of Nam	e: 	
FIRST:	  	("X" one box onl	y.)  Thi	s appl	icat	ion i	s for a 	 new  	OR	  	 ren	ewal o	f a reg	istratio	n of lim	ited	 liab	ility p	artn	ersh	ip 	
nam	e. A new appl	icat	ion expi	res at	 the end of t	he cal	endar y	ear	 in wh	ich	 th	e ap	plicatio	n is filed	.  A ren	ewal ap	plicatio	n 	
can be fi	led bet	ween Oct	ober 	1st and Decem	ber 31	st.  The renewal	 appl	icat	ion, when fi	led, renews t	he regi	strat	ion of 	
lim	ited	 liab	ility p	artn	ersh	ip name fo	r th	e fo	llo	win	g calen	dar year. 	
SECOND:	 	The st	ate or count	ry under t	he laws	 of whi	ch it is organi	zed i	s  ____________________________________________ 	
and t	he address of i	ts pri	ncipal office is located at: 	
        	 (street, 	city, 	state 	and 	zip 	code) 	
THIRD: 	 	The dat	e of i	ts organi	zat	ion i	s ______________________________________________________________________.\
FOURTH: 	A b	rief statem	ent of the n	ature o	f the lim	ited	 liab	ility p	artn	ersh	ip’s b	usiness:  	
FIFTH:	  	This 	application is accom	panied by a 	certificate of existence or a docum	ent of 	sim	ilar im	port duly authenticated by the 	
Secretary of State or other official ha	ving custody of lim	ited liability partnershi	p records in the state or country under 	
wh	ose law th	e fo	reig	n lim	ited	 liab	ility p	artn	ersh	ip is o	rganized	.  In	 lieu	 of a certificate 	of existen	ce, 	a copy of the 	
foreig	n lim	ited	 liab	ility p	artn	ersh	ip’s reg	istratio	n certified	 or stam	ped by the Secretary o	f State o	r other p	roper o	fficer in	 	
its dom	est	ic juri	sdi	ction i	s a suffi	cient	 equi	val	ent if such an offi	cer does not	 produce any	 ot	her t	ype 	of 	cert	ificat	e of 	
existence.  The certificate of 	exi	stence 	must have 	been 	made 	not	 more 	than 	90 day	s pri	or t	o the del	ivery	 of t	his 	
appl	icat	ion for fi	ling. 	
FORM NO. MLLP-2 (1 of 2)

DATED 	__________________________ 	 	 	   *B	y  ____________________________________________________ 	
           	     (signature of a partner) 	
 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	                (typ	e or print name and cap	acity)	 	
The filing of this application does not authorize a 	limited liability partnership to do business in Maine. 	
*Certificate 	MUST	 be si	gned by	 at least	 one 	partner	 except	 as ot	herwi	se provi	ded (	§860.1	). 	
The execution of this certificate cons	titutes an oath or affirm	ation under 	the penalties of false swearing under 	Title 1	7-A, sectio	n 453. 	
Please rem	it your pay	ment	 made pay	able to the Maine Secretary of State. 	
 	 	 	 	 	         101 ST	AT	E HOUSE	 ST	AT	ION, AUGUST	A, ME	  04333-0101	 	
FOR	M NO. M	LLP-2 (2 of 2)   R	ev. 10-20-2008       TEL. (207) 624-7740
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