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Maine LLP Statement of Appointment or Change Commercial Registered Agent Form

In the case of a limited liability partnership wanting to change its registered agent in the State of Maine, the Maine LLP Statement of Appointment or Change Commercial Registered Agent Form has to be completed and submitted along with a $35 filing fee.


Extracted Text for Proper Search

Deputy Secretary of State 	
A True Copy When Attested By Signature 	
Deputy Secretary of State 	
                       Filing Fee $35.00  	
(Name of Limited Liability Partnership as it appears on the records 
of the Secretary of State) 	
Pursuant to 	5 MRSA §§105	 & 	108 	 the undersigned limited liability partnership ex ecutes and delivers the following statement of 
appointment or change of a commercial Registered Agent. 	
FIRST:   The name and address of the current re gistered agent appearing on the record in the Secretary of State's office: 	
                 (name of current registered agent) 
                    (physical st reet address, city, state and zip code)  
SECOND:  The new CRA Public number is: __________________________ 
  The name of  the new CRA is: ________________________________________________________ 
THIRD:  Pursuant to 	5 MRSA §108.3	, th	e registered agent listed above has consented to serve as the registered 	
agent for this limited liability partnership.  	
FOURTH:  (For foreign limited liability partnerships only) 
  Jurisdiction of organization:  __________________________________________________________________ 
    Date authorized to transact bus iness in the State of Maine:  ___________________________________________ 
Dated _________________________   *By _______________________________________________ 
                                      (type or print name and capacity) 
*This statement  MUST be signed by at least one  partner (	31 MRSA §826.1.B	) OR by  any duly authorized person  (	31 MRSA §826.	2) 	
The execution of this statement cons titutes an oath or affirmation under the penalties of false swearing under 	17-A MRSA §453	. 	
Please remit your payment made payabl e to the Maine Secretary of State. 
Submit completed form to:    Secretary of State 
    Division of Corp orations, UCC and Commissions 
        101 State House Station, Augusta, ME  04333-0101 	
     Telephone Inquiries:   (207) 624-7752 Email Inquiries:  	[email protected]	
Form No. MLLP-3-CRA   7/1/2008

Filer Contact Cover Letter	 	
To:  Department of the Secretary of State            Tel. (207) 624-7752 
  Division of Corporations, UCC and Commissions 
  101 State House Station 
  Augusta, ME 04333-0101 	
Name of Entity (s): 	
_______________________________________________________________________ \
_______________________________________________________________________ \
List type of filing(s) enclosed 	(i.e. Articles of Incorporation, Articles of  Merger, Articles of Amendment, Certificate 
of Correction, etc.) Attach additional pages as needed.	
Special handling request(s): 	(check all that apply)	 	
 	  Hold for pick up 	
 	  Expedited filing - 24 hour se rvice ($50 additional filing fee per entity, per service) 
  Expedited filing - Immediate service ($100 a dditional filing fee per entity, per service) 	
Total filing fee(s) enclosed:  $ ________________ 
Contact Information – questions regarding the above filing(s), please call or email: 	(failure to provide a 
contact name and telephone number or email address will result in the return of the erroneous filing (s) by the Secretary of St ate’s office) 	
___________________________________   ___________________________________ 	
(Name of contact person) 	    	(Daytime telephone number) 	
(Email address) 	
The enclosed filing(s) and fee(s) are submitted for f iling. Please return the attested copy to the following 
(Name of attested recipient) 	
(Firm or Company) 	
(Mailing Address) 	
(City, State & Zip)
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