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Affidavit of Declaration For a Manufactured Home Placed on Real Estate

Affiant confirms his or her intention to declare his or her home to be placed as a fixture in a real estate. Download

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South Dakota Department of Revenue
Division of Motor Vehicles 
MV-004 03/10         	 	
Affidavit of Declaration For a Manufactured Home Placed  on Real Estate 
________________________________ _____________________________ 
Location where home is being placed as real estate: 
________________________________ _____________________________ 
Address                                                                            City                                  State              Zip Code 
Legal description 
Manufactured Home: 
Vehicle Identification Number                                          Year                       Make                           Model 
We the undersigned hereby give notice to all parties who may be affected or concerned in the premises 
and home listed above, that we confirm our intentions to  declare this home to be a fixture to real estate 
at the location listed above. We fu rther declare the title to such home is hereby surrendered and said 
property shall be treated as mo rtgaged property and subject to  the requirements thereof.   
I certify under the penalty of perjur y that the above described Manufact ured Home is real property and, 
therefore, should not be i ssued a certificate of title  pursuant to SDCL 32-3. 
______________________________                 _______________________ 
Signature of Purchaser/Owner                Date 
Name and Address of Lienholder 
_________________________________________                          _______________________________ 
Signature of Lender or authorized agent             Date 
Before me, ____________________________________ (Notary Public’s Name), personally appeared  
________________________________ (Signing Party/Parties Name(s)), known to me to be the person or persons who is/are 
describing in the foregoing instrument, and, being first duly sworn upon his/her/their oath, executed the within instrument, 
acknowledged the truthfulness of the representations contained therein, and further acknowledged to me that he/she/they did 
so for the purposes set forth therein. 
Subscribed and sworn to me before this _____ day of __________________________, 20______. 
(SEAL)      Signature of Notary Public: ____________________________________ 
   My Commission Expires: _____________________________________ 
 Copy: ROD 
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