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Amended Affidavit in Relation To Settlement of Estate

Settling an estate requires the execution of the following affidavit.


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SURROGATE’S COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORKCOUNTY OF __________________________________---------------------------------------------------------------------------XVOLUNTARY ADMINISTRATION, Estate of____________________________________ ,                                                                 Deceased.-------------------------------------------------------------------------- XAMENDED AFFIDAVITIN RELATION TO SETTLEMENTOF ESTATEUNDER ARTICLE 13, SCPA(as of 9/96)File No._________________________STATE OF NEW YORK                     )                                                            ) ss.:COUNTY OF ___________________)I,                                                                                   , being duly sworn, depose and say:(Name)1.I am the voluntary administrator/trix of the above-named decedent and make this affidavit pursuant to Article 13 of theSurrogate’s Court Procedure Act.  The original and any amended affidavits were filed on the following dates: [list dates]2.I was found qualified to act as the voluntary administrator/trix of the above captioned estate by the________________________County Surrogate’s Court on the __________ day of __________, 20 ________.3.The following items of personal property, owned by the above-named decedent, were not listed in paragraph 9 of theAffidavit of Voluntary Administration originally filed nor in any amended affidavits filed with the court. Items of Personal      Property Separately ListedValue of Each Item_______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________Total $ ____________________4.For the item of personal property listed in paragraph 3, I require _______________________ additional certificatesof voluntary administration.The value of all of the decedent’s non-exempt assets still does not exceed $20,000.00.___________________________________Sworn to be fore me on    (Affiant)_______________, 20 _________________________________________(Print Name)_________________________________Notary PublicMy Commission Expires:(Affix Notary Stamp or Seal)Signature of Attorney :_______________________________________________________________________________Print Name:________________________________________________________________________________________Firm Name:_________________________________________ Tel No. : _______________________________________Address of Attorney:_________________________________________________________________________________SE-2B *For use only where decedent died on or after August 29, 1996.SE-2B
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