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Mississippi Limited Partnership Registered Agent Change Form

In the case of a limited partnership that is registered in the State of Mississipi wanting to change its registered agent, the following form has to be completed and submitted along with a $10 filing fee.


Extracted Text for Proper Search

11 F0010                                       
         P O BOX  136, JACKSON, MS 39205-0136 (601)359-1633 	
      Registered Agent/Office Statement of Change  	
1.  Company  Name 	
 corporation        	 nonprofit     	 limited liability c ompany    	 limited partnership   
 limited liability p artnership   	 foreign business t rust 
 domestic    	 foreign    
  2.  Name of the Current Registered Agent and Registered Office (as on file with the Secretary of State ) 	
  	  	           The undersigned certifies that:	  1) he/she has notified the above-named registered agent of this appointment; 2) 
he/she has provided the agent an address  for the company, and; 3) the agent has agreed to serve as registered agent for this 
company.	   for forms and 
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