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Wyoming Profit Corporation Articles of Amendment Form

In the case of wanting to change any information by a domestic corporation that is related to the entity at the Secretary of State’s office, the following form has to be submitted. Download

Extracted Text for Proper Search

For Office Use Only  	
 	Wyoming Secretary of State 	
  State Capitol Building, Room 110 
   200 West 24	th Street  
  Cheyenne, W Y 82002-0020 
  Ph. 307.777. 7311 
  Fax 307.777. 5339 
  Email: [email protected]  	
P-Amendment  -  Revised  11/2012	       	
Profit Corporation 
Articles of Amendment  	
1. Corporation name: 
2. Article (s)      is amended as follows:  
3.  If the amendment provides for an exchange, reclassification, or cancellation of issued shares,  provisions for 
i mplementing the amendment if not contained in the amendment itself which may be made upon facts objectively 
ascertainable outside the articles of amendment.   
4. The amendment was adopted on                                  . 	
     (Date  – mm/dd/yyyy)  	
5. If the amendment was adopted by the incorporators or board of directors without shareholder approval, a statement 
that the amendment was duly approved by the incorporators or by the board of directors as the case may be and that 
shareholder approval was not required.  
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