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Wyoming Limited Partnership Registered Agent Consent Form

To be accepted at the Secretary of State’s office, the following form must be submitted along with the Certificate.Download

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Wyoming Secretary of State 	
 State Capitol Building, Room 110 
   200 West 24	th Street  
  Cheyenne, W Y 82002-0020 
  Ph. 307.777.7311 
  Fax 307.777.5339 
  Email: Business@	
RAConsent  – Revised  12/11 	
Consent to Appointment  by Registered Agent  
I,                                                                                                              \
                    , registered office located at   
    (name of registered agent)  
              voluntarily consent to serve   
*  (registered office  physical address, city, state & zip)  	
as the  registered agent for                                                                            \
                                                              (nam e of business entity)  
I hereby certify that I am in compliance with the requirements of W.S. 17- 28-101 through W.S. 17- 28-111.   
Signature:__________________________________________   Date: 
                                       ( Shall be executed by  the registered agent .)                      (mm/dd/yyyy)  
Print Name:       Daytime Phone : 
Title:        Email: 
Registered Agent  Mailing Address 
 (if different than above) :	
*If this is a new address,  complete the following: 
Previous Registered Office (s):  
I  hereby  certify that:  
•   After the changes are made, the street address of  my registered office and business office will be identical.  
•   This change affects every entity served by  me and  I have notified each entity of the registered office change.  
•   I certify t hat the above information is correct and I am in compliance with the requirements of W.S. 17 -28- 101 through   
W.S. 17 -28- 111.   
Signature:  __________________________________________   Date: 
                                       ( Shall be executed by  the registered agent .)                    (mm/dd/yyyy)   
          Submit o ne originally signed  consent to appointment  and one exact photocopy.
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