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Wyoming Foreign Limited Partnership Cancellation Form

In order to cancel a limited partnership foreign entity in Wyoming, it is required to send this form to the following address: State Capitol Building, Room 110200 West 24th StreetCheyenne, WY 82002-0020.


Extracted Text for Proper Search

For Office Use Only  	
 	Wyoming Secretary of State 	
  State Capitol Building, Room 110 
   200 West 24	th Street  
  Cheyenne, W Y 82002-0020 
  Ph.  307. 777.7311  
  Fax 307.777.5339  
  Email:  [email protected]	
FLP-Cancellation  - Revised  11/2012 
Foreign  Limited  Partnership  
Certificate of Cancellation  of Registration 	
1. Name of the limited partnership : 
2. D ate on which the limited partnership was registered in Wyoming : 
(Date – mm/dd/yyyy)  	 
3. Name under which the limited partnership i s registered to do business in the state of Wyoming : 
4. The limited partnership hereby cancels its registration to do business in the state of Wyoming.  
5. M ailing address of  the limited partnership:  
Date:        General Partner Signature: __________ ________________________ 
      Print Name:  
State of _________________ 
County of _______________ 
Subscribed and sworn to before me this ___________ day of _______________________________, ____________ by  
______________________________________ _. 
SEAL           Notary Public  
My commission expires: _____________________________  
Contact Person:          Email: 
Daytime Phone Number :         
          Filing Fee: $50.00    Make check or money order payable to Wyoming Secretary of State.  
          Must be signed and sworn to by a general partner of the limited partnership.  
          Please submit one original ly signed document  and one exact photocopy of the filing . 
           Please review form prior to submitting to the Secretary of State to ensure all areas have been  
          completed to avoid a delay in the processing of your documents.
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