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Wyoming Foreign Corporation Fictitious Name Form


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For Office Use Only  	
 	Wyoming Secretary of State 	
  State Capitol Building, Room 110 
   200 West 24	th Street  
  Cheyenne, W Y 82002-0020 
  Ph.  307. 777.7311  
  Fax 307.777.5339  
  Email:  [email protected]	
FP -FictitiousName  - Revised  11/2012 
Foreign  Profit Corporation 
Use of Fictitious Name  	
1. Resolved that on                                        , the Board of Directors  of: 	
  (Date – mm/dd/yyyy)  	
a                                                                                                            corporation unanimously approved the use of the   
fictitious name of : 
for use in Wyoming.  
2.  I certify that the above is a true and correct copy of the resolution. 
Date:         Signature : ___________________________________________ 
       Print Name: 
C ontact Person:        
Daytime Phone Number:      Email 
          Filing Fee: $50.00    Make check or money order payable to Wyoming Secretary of State.  
           Please submit one or iginally signed document and one exact photocopy of the filing.  
          Please review form prior to submitting to the Secretary of State to ensure all areas have been  
          completed to avoid a delay in the processing of your documents.
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