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Wyoming DMV Bill of Sale Form

To register the purchase and sale of a vehicle in the State of Wyoming, the buyer and seller must complete and sign this form. Upon fulfillment, form must be submitted to the Department of Motor Vehicles for registration purposes.Download

Extracted Text for Proper Search

  In consideration of _______________________dollars ($__________) to
me in hand paid by ____________________________ the receipt of which is
hereby acknowledged, I, ________________________by these presents do
bargain, sell and convey to the said Buyer the following, as is:
 Automobile    Motor Home
 Motorcycle    Trailer
  (Other)  ____________________________
 Make  _______________________________
 Year  _______________________________
 Model _______________________________
  Serial Number ____________________________
  And I, myself, will warrant unto the Buyer that the said property is free and 
clear of any lawful claims and demands of all and every person whatsoever.
     Signed: _______________________________
     Address: ______________________________
County of ___________
The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me by _____________
________________________, this ______ day of _____________ 20____
Witness by hand and official seal.
(City)               (State)   (Zip)
Notary Public or County Clerk
My Commission/Term Expires: ____________
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