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West Virginia Motion to Adopt Parenting Plan Form

Upon completion of the Parenting Plan Worksheet, this motion must be filed with the Court. If the court approves the motion, the submitted parenting plan will be enforced to the couple after the finalization of the divorce.Download

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_________________________ _________________________           
_________________________  _________________________ 
________________  ________________ 
_______________________  ___________________________  ____________ 
___________________________  ____________ 
In Re:

The Marriage / Children of:  Civil Action No. ____________ 

_________________________,  and  _________________________. 
Petitioner  Respondent 
Address  Address 
Daytime phone  Daytime phone 	
NOTICE TO: ________________________.  Take Notice that I, ________________________, 	
(Print the name of the other party.)  (Print your name	.) 
will come before the Family Court of _________________ County, and make a MOTION for 
the Court to adopt my Individual Proposed Parenting Plan.  This Motion will be made at ____ 
a.m./p.m. on the ____ day of ___________________, _____. 	
I, ____________________________, request that the Court adopt my Individual Proposed 
Parenting Plan.  I have attached copies of my Individual Proposed Parenting Plan and Worksheet 
to this Motion. 	
(Print your name.) 	Signature  Date 	
State of West Virginia 
County of _______________________________ 	
I, _______________________, the person making this Motion, mailed the Motion and 
Notice, together with my Individual Proposed Parenting Plan, by first class mail, to 
_________________________, at the address of ___________________________\
on the ____ day of __________________, _____. 	
Signature  Date 
SCA-FC-129  (12/01)  Motion to Adopt Individual Parenting Plan  Page 1 of 1
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The plan must concentrate on what exactly the little one needs. Each parenting program ought to be tailored to the demands of each family. As a joint parenting program is arranged, you are going to want to seek advice from your child custody attorney.
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The plan should incorporate details about where the kid will live, once the kid will go to the other parent, where the kid will spend holidays, the way the parents will share legal duty of the kid, etc.. The parenting program may also have agreements concerning extra-curricular activities, education, faith and wellness. The parenting program is created to provide for the requirements of the youngster, and the basic requirements of the youngster are these material requirements. A suitable Custodial Parenting program is critical to set a good foundation for a healthy, cooperative exchange of the children.

A parenting program ought to be consistent and detailed. It cannot cover every aspect of life and cannot anticipate how real life will change over the years. It is the same thing as a custody agreement and it contains all of the information about how the parents will continue to handle their parenting responsibilities. You're able to contain in your parenting plan an overall statement that you fully grasp these issues might develop in the future and the way you mean to address them when they do.

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