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Washington Rental Application Form

In the State of Washington, an individual/party who desires to rent a certain unit must fulfill this form and send it to the concerned landlord/management company.


Extracted Text for Proper Search

_______ of _______PROPERTY ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________________________
I have inspected the property listed above and wish to rent the property for a period of _________ months 
starting on ____________________, at a rental price of $ _______________ per week.  
I will also be required to pay a minimum rental bond of 4 weeks rent.APPLICANTS DETAILSFull Name: _________________________________________________________ Date of Birth: ________________Home Phone: _______________________ Work:Mobile:  _______________________  ________________________Email Address: ____________________________________________ Drivers License No: _____________________Is someone else applying with you to rent this property: Yes / No If Yes, please list name/s __________________________________________________________________________Name & Age of children to reside at the property: _______________________________________________________ PRESENT ADDRESSProperty Address: _______________________________________________________________________________Name of Agent / Owner: ______________________ Phone:Fax:  ____________________  _____________________ Period of Occupancy: _________ Reason for Leaving: ___________________________ Rent Paid:$_______ / weekPREVIOUS ADDRESSProperty Address: _______________________________________________________________________________Name of Agent / Owner: ______________________ Phone:Fax:  ____________________  _____________________ Period of Occupancy: _________ Reason for Leaving: ___________________________ Rent Paid:$_______ / weekOCCUPATIONOccupation: _________________________________ Name of Employer:___________________________________Work Address: __________________________________________ Work Phone: ____________________________Length of Time Employed: ________ Full Time/Part Time (Hours p/w):Net Income (after Tax):  weekly  ________ ________IF SELF EMPLOYEDName of Business: ____________________________ Industry: _____________________ Phone: ________________Business Address: ________________________________   Net Income (after Tax):  ___________ weeklyIF STUDENTUniversity: ________________________________   Name and Length of Course: ____________________________Are you receiving Government Assistance?  Yes / No (please provide proof)Are you receiving Parental/Guardian Assistance?  Yes / No  (please provide letter)PETSWill you have pets at the property?  Yes / No           If Yes, How Many: ____________ Type: _____________________Person to Contact in case of Emergency (Not Living with You)Name: Phone: ___________________ Relationship to you (eg: Mum, Brother): ______________ ___________________ 2/3© Copyright Rental Express Pty LtdRENT PAYMENT OPTIONS By phone or internet with all major credit cards(credit card surcharge fees apply)Customer Initiated Direct Debit ($0.85 per transaction)Via BPAY from a cheque or savings account(No charge)

In accordance with privacy principle 1.3 of the Privacy Act we require you to read and sign this acknowledgement.   I the said applicant declare 
that I give my permission to the agent to collect my information and pass such information onto TICA Default Tenancy Control Pty Ltd. I further 
give my permission for my information to be provided to any other tenancy database for the assessment of my tenancy application. I further give 
consent to the Agency to contact any of my referees provided by me in my tenancy application.  I agree and understand that once a tenancy 
application has been lodged with a member of a tenancy database and an inquiry made with tenancy database my information may be recorded 
as making an inquiry.  I understand that TICA Default Tenancy Control Pty Ltd is a database company that allows its members access to 
information accumulated from members about tenants who have breached their tenancy agreements.  I agree and understand that should I fail 
to provide the database member with the information and acknowledgements required the Agency may elect not to proceed with my tenancy 
application.   I acknowledge and understand that TICA Default Tenancy Control Pty Ltd can be contacted on 190 222 0346. I agree that the calls 
to TICA Default Tenancy Control Pty Ltd are charged at $5.45 per minute inclusive of GST.
Applicants Name: _________________________________ Signature: _________________________________ Date:_______________TENANCY APPLICATION FORMApplicant #
_______ of _______Our Agency has received an application for tenancy. The Applicant has provided your details as a current or previous 
Lessor or Lessor/s Agent, and has authorised us to collect information about the tenancy from you / the Agency. 
A copy of the applicant's signed Privacy Consent is above.
Please complete the details below and return the form to our Agency today, as time is 
critical to both the Applicant and Lessor to finalise the processing of this application.
TENANT'S NAME: ___________________________________________________
PROPERTY RENTED: _________________________________________________
PERIOD OF TIME RENTED THROUGH YOUR AGENCY _____ / _____ / _____  to  _____ / _____ / _____
RENT AMOUNT PAID PER WEEK $ ____________Please return the completed form with a copy of the tenant ledger TODAY by fax to _____________________Was the tenant listed as a lessee?
Did you / your agency terminate the tenancy?During the tenancy, was the lessee ever in arrears?
Did the tenant receive any Notice to Remedy's? If Yes - Reason/s
Were periodic inspections conducted during the tenancy?
Was any damage noted during the inspections?
Were pets kept on the premises without permission?
Did the lessee leave the property clean and tidy?Was the bond refunded in full?
If No - Reason/s ____________________________________Would you or your agency rent to them again?YES  /  NO
AGENCY: ______________________________________ 
FAX NO: _______________________________________OFFICE USE ONLY BELOW3/3© Copyright Rental Express Pty LtdCompleted By  _____________________ Date  ___________
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