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Washington Notice of Hearing Form

Through this form, parties involved in a divorce case are notified of the date of the court hearing. The Court sends this notice to the parties via standard mail.Download

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Note for Disso Calendar (NTC) - Page 1 of 1 
WPF DR 03.0300 (6/2008) - CR 40	
Superior Court of Washington 
County of 
[ ] In re the Marriage of: 
[ ] In re the Domestic Partnership of: 
Note for Dissolution Calendar 
(Non-Contested Case - Optional 
Clerk’s Action Required 	
To the Clerk of Court and to	: 	
1.  Please note that this case will be placed on the non-contested dissolution calendar for hearing on 
________________________________________________________, on the date set out below. 
2.  A hearing has been set for the following date, time and place. 
 Date: ________________________________  Time: ________________a.m./p.m. 
Place: ___________________________________  Room/Department:  ______________ 	
    Signature of Requesting Party or Lawyer/WSBA No. 	
    Print or Type Name	
Notice to party:  (you may list an address that is not your 
residential address where you agree to accept legal 
documents. Any	
 time	 this address changes while this action 
is pending, you must notify the opposing parties in writing 
and file an updated Confidential Information Form (WPF 
DRPSCU 09.0200) with the court clerk.) 
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