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Temporary Permanent Parenting Plan

The Parenting Plan is used to allow parents of minor children who are going through a divorce to settle the custody after the divorce has been finalized.


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IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF _________________________ COUNTY, KANSAS 
Ø             Case No.______________ 
Parenting Plan submitted by: ¨ Mother     ¨ Father     ¨ Both parents                                          
¨ Other:_________________________________________ 
¨ a proposed plan 
¨ an agreed plan by both parties. 
This parenting plan applies to the following children: 
Full Name of Child Gender Birth Date and Age 
                                                                                ¨ M ¨ F _________________ 
                                                                                ¨ M ¨ F _________________ 
                                                                                ¨ M ¨ F _________________ 
                                                                                ¨ M ¨ F _________________ 
                                                                                ¨ M ¨ F _________________ 
                                                                                ¨ M ¨ F _________________ 
                                                                                ¨ M ¨ F _________________ 
                                                                                ¨ M ¨ F _________________ 
II. Legal Custody (Decision Making)(Required Provision)  
¨ 2.1 Joint Legal Custody.  Both parents are fit and proper persons to have joint responsibility for 
the care of the minor child(ren). It is in the best interest of the child(ren) that the parties jointly share in the care 
of the child(ren). The term "joint legal custody" means that both parents have equal rights and 
responsibilities regarding their child(ren) and that neither parent's rights are superior to the other 
¨ 2.2 Sole Legal Custody.  Joint legal custody is not in the best interests of the child(ren). The 
parent granted sole legal custody has the primary right to decide matters regarding matters of health, 
education and welfare in the child(ren)'s best interests. The parent not granted sole legal custody may 
make emergency decisions affecting the health or safety of the child(ren) when the child(ren) is in that 
parent's physical care and control. The grant of sole legal custody to one parent does not deprive the 
other parent of access to information regarding the child(ren) unless the court shall so order, stating the 
reasons for that determination.

Sole legal custody is granted to 	¨	 Mother 	¨	 Father for the following reasons:	 	
¨	  Agreement of the parents.	 	
¨	  The other parent is unable or should not be allowed to exercise any decision	- 	
maki	ng.	 	
¨	  There is such a high level of disagreement between the parents that one parent needs to be 	
designated as the primary decision maker for the best interests of the child(ren) to be served. 	 	
¨	  There is a danger to the child(ren).	 	
¨	  	2.21  Restriction	 of Information Regarding the Child(ren) to Non Legal Custodian.	 	
The 	¨	 Mother 	¨	 Father is restrained from access to information regarding the child(ren) for 	
the following specific reasons (such as agreement of the parties or serious danger to the 
child(ren	) stating the specific reason for a determination that the non	-custodial	 parent should 	
be restricted from access to information regarding the 
Section III. Parenting Time Schedule (Required Provision)	 	
¨	 	3.1 Parenting Time for 	¨	 Mother 	¨	 Father	: 	
  	¨	 Weekdays	: From _________________	_____________________ at  ___.m. to	 	
                   ______________________________________ at ___.m. starting on the                                    	
¨	 Weekends:	 Every ________________________________________ 	weekend from	 	
                                    ______________________________________ at ___.m. to	 	
                                   ______________________________________ at ___.m. starting on the                                                      
¨	 Holidays:	   ¨	 First half of winter School Break	 governed by the calendar of 	
Unified                                           School District No. _________ located in 
_____________________                         	           	 	from__________________  at 	
______ ___.m. to _________________                               	 at ___________ ___.m. 	
                  	¨	 Second half of winter	 School Break	 governed by the calendar of 	
Unified                                                   School District No. __________ located in 
_____________________                                             	 	 from ________________ at 	
_______ ___.m. to____	____________at                                            	 	 ___________ 	
             	¨	 Spring Break	 governed by the calendar of Unified School District 	
No._______                    	 located in ___	__________________ from 	
___________________ at                       	 	_______  ___.m. to 	
_____ day of ___________________, 20_	__.	 	
__	___ day of ___________________, 20_	__.	 	
during 	¨	 even years  	¨	  odd years, starting                                   	 	20_	__. 	 	
___.m. during 	¨	 even years  	¨	  odd years, starting 20___	   .

_____________________at ___________ ___.m.                    during 	¨	 	
             	¨	 Memorial Day	 from ________________	___ at _______  ___.m. to                       	
 	 _____________________at ___________ ___.m. during 	 	
            	 ¨	 4th of July	 from ___________________ at _______  __	_.m. to                                	
 	_____________________at ___________ ___.m. during 	 	
                      	  ¨	 Labor Day	 from ___________________ at _______  __	_.m. to                                                     	
 	______________________at ___________ ___.m. during 	 	
           	  ¨	 Thanksgiving Day	 from _________________	__ at _______  ___.m.                     	
 	to _____________________at ___________ ___.m. during  	 	
Other:	_____________________________________________________	
__	________________________________________________________	
__________________________	________________________________	
__________________________________________________	______	 	
¨	   	 	3.2  Parenting Time for 	¨	 Mother 	¨	 Father	 	
¨	    This parent shall have all weekdays and weekends not specifically set forth above.	 	
¨	     This parent shall have all holidays not specified above.	 	
¨	 Other: 	 	
_____________________________________	________________________________	
_________________	_______________	 	
even years  	¨	  odd years, starting in 20_	___.	 	
                                         	¨	 even years 	¨	  odd years, starting in 20_	___.	 	
                                        	¨	 even years  	¨	  odd years, starting in 20	__.	 	
                                         	¨	 even years  	¨	  odd years, starting in 20	___.	 	
                                        	¨	 even years  	¨	  odd years, starting in 20	___.

¨ 3.3  Priorities. 
¨ Holidays and special days specified above will have precedence over weekday and weekend 
¨ Holidays have priority over other special occasions 
¨ There shall be no adjustment for "missed" weekends or weekdays due to interruption by 
specified holidays and special days. The parties are encouraged to compensate for missed 
weekends so that a parent will not go more than two weekends without having weekend 
parenting time. 
¨ Other:_______________________________________________________________ 
Section IV.  Dispute Resolution Process (Required Provision)  
4.1  Disputes between the parties, other than child support disputes, shall be 
submitted to: 
¨ counseling by:                                                                                                                     , 
¨ mediation by :                                                                                                                     , 
¨ domestic case management by:                                                                                            
4.2  The cost of this process shall be allocated between the parties as follows: 
¨    __________% Mother  __________% Father. 
¨    Based on each party's proportional share of income from line 6 of the child              
  support worksheets. 
¨    Equally. 
¨    As determined in the dispute resolution process. 
V.  Changing the Child(ren)’s Residence: K.S.A. 60-1620 Notice Requirement  
5.1   Removal from State or Change of Residence:  Each party shall give the other written 
notice by restricted mail, return receipt requested, at his or her last known address not 
less than thirty (30) days prior to changing residence, or if the child(ren) is to be 
removed from the state of Kansas for in excess of ninety (90) days. 
¨  5.2   Notice of Removal or Change not Required: A parent is not required to give notice of 
removal from the state or change of residence to the other parent as the other parent has been 
convicted of a crime specified in Article 34 (crimes against persons), Article 35 (sex offenses), 
or Article 36 (crimes affecting family relationships and children) of Chapter 21 (Crimes and 
Punishments) of the Kansas Statutes Annotated in which the child(ren) is the victim of such 

VI. Optional Provisions  
¨ 6.1    Transportation and transportation costs.  Responsibility for transportation and 
transportation costs, as it relates to parenting time, shall be as follows: 
¨ Transportation arrangements and costs shall be sole the responsibility of: 
                                 ¨ Mother ¨ Father. 
¨ Transportation arraignments and costs shall be: 
              ¨ Shared Equally 
              ¨ Other 
¨ Not necessary at this time. 
¨ 6.2 Exchange Point: The exchange point for the child(ren) shall be: 
¨ The home of the ¨ Mother ¨ Father parent ¨ Other:                                   
¨ Not necessary at this time. 
¨ 6.3 Notice of Intent to exercise or not to exercise parenting time:  
¨  The  Mother/Father parent shall notify the other parent _____ days in advance 
of intent to exercise scheduled parenting time.  If notification is not given, the 
subject parenting time will be considered waived.   
¨  Except for extreme and exceptional circumstances a parent is not required to 
wait for the other parent more than            minutes before the parenting time is 
considered waived. 
¨ Other:_____________________________________________________ 
¨ Not necessary at this time.

¨  6.4 Telephone and Mail Contact Between Parent and Child(ren). 
¨  Telephone Contact. Each parent is allowed reasonable telephone access to their 
child(ren)  at reasonable hours without interference from the other parent.  Telephone contact 
with a child(ren) should not be used as an opportunity by either parent to discuss issues not 
related to the child(ren) with the other parent. When telephone contact is attempted to be 
made with the child(ren), the child(ren) should either have direct access to the telephone or the 
telephone should be given directly to the child(ren) with a minimum of conversation between 
the parents unless necessary for discussion of matters related to that contact. Any parent shall 
not refuse to answer the phone, turn off the phone or put call block on the line in order to deny 
the other parent telephone contact with the child(ren). Each parent shall supply the other 
parent with current telephone numbers, where the child(ren) may be found or is/are staying. 
¨ Not necessary at this time. 
¨  Mail & Email Contact. Each parent with whom the child(ren) is not then living should have 
unlimited ability to contact each other by use of either regular United States mail or electronic 
mail, if such an account is available. The parent seeking mail contact must provide self-
addressed stamped envelopes for the child(ren) to use.  If available, current e-mail addresses 
where the child(ren) may be contacted shall be supplied to both parents by each parent.  
Where possible, reasonable computer access shall be allowed. 
¨ Not necessary at this time. 
¨ 6.5 Other Considerations and Agreements: 
¨ Not necessary at this time. 
VII.  Signatures: Required if agreed upon by the parties

Mother:  Father: 
Date Signed: ______________________  
Signature  Signature  
Print Name  Print Name  
Address  Address 
 Telephone Number  Telephone Number  
Signature of Attorney if any  Signature of Attorney if any  
Print Name  Print Name  
¨    IT IS THEREFORE, ORDERED that this parenting plan  ¨ after approval of the agreement of the 
parties; or ¨ after trial of the matter, the plan is hereby made the order of the court. 
       IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that, when mutual decision making is designated but cannot be 
achieved, the parties shall make a good faith effort to resolve the issue through the dispute resolution 
process.  If a parent fails to comply with a provision of this plan, the other parent's obligations under 
the plan are not affected unless specifically ordered by the court. 
Date: __________________  __________________________________________ 
District Judge 
_______________________________________   _____________________________________ 
Signature: Atty/Pro Se Mother                                  Signature: Atty./Pro Se Father 
_______________________________________    ____________________________________ 
Print Name                   Print Name
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The plan must concentrate on what exactly the little one needs. Each parenting program ought to be tailored to the demands of each family. As a joint parenting program is arranged, you are going to want to seek advice from your child custody attorney.
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The plan should incorporate details about where the kid will live, once the kid will go to the other parent, where the kid will spend holidays, the way the parents will share legal duty of the kid, etc.. The parenting program may also have agreements concerning extra-curricular activities, education, faith and wellness. The parenting program is created to provide for the requirements of the youngster, and the basic requirements of the youngster are these material requirements. A suitable Custodial Parenting program is critical to set a good foundation for a healthy, cooperative exchange of the children.

A parenting program ought to be consistent and detailed. It cannot cover every aspect of life and cannot anticipate how real life will change over the years. It is the same thing as a custody agreement and it contains all of the information about how the parents will continue to handle their parenting responsibilities. You're able to contain in your parenting plan an overall statement that you fully grasp these issues might develop in the future and the way you mean to address them when they do.

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