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Student Peer Evaluation Form

The Student Peer Evaluation Form is used in order to grade other students who are participating in a group activity.


Extracted Text for Proper Search

PEER GROUP EVALUATION  (To be submitted to instructor/s)  Instructor/s_________________________ Course____________ Semester ________  Your Name ____________________________________________ Section _________ I. Names of your group members. (The letter corresponds to the  student's name.)  a._________________________________________________________________  b._________________________________________________________________  c._________________________________________________________________  d._________________________________________________________________  e._________________________________________________________________ Performance in the Learning Community  II. Rank each member (a,b,c,d,e) with a 4,3,2,1,0  (4=highest,0=lowest)  1. Reliable for meetings  a._________ b.__________ c.__________ d.__________ e. ___________ 2. Reliable with meeting deadlines for work in progress and final project  a._________ b.__________ c.__________ d.__________ e. ___________ 3. Contributes ideas to the group  a.__________ b.__________ c._________ d. __________ e. ___________ 4. Respects each group member's opinions  a.__________ b.__________ c._________ d.___________ e ___________ 5.. Contributes his/her share to discussions  a.__________ b.__________ c._________ d.__________ e. ____________ 6. Knowledgeable about assignments and her/his role and fulfills that role  a.__________ b.__________ c._________ d.__________ e._____________ 7. Gives input for work-in-progress promptly and with a good faith effort  a.___________ b.__________ c._________ d.__________ e.____________ III. If given the opportunity, would you want to work with this team member again?  ("Yes"= 4 points; "Maybe"= 2 points; "No"= 0 points)  a.___________ b.__________ c._________ d.__________ e.__________ IV. In one sentence, what is your overall impression of each member's performance?  a) ____________________________________________________________________________  b) ____________________________________________________________________________  c) ___________________________________________________________________  d) _____________________________________________________________

______  e) ___________________________________________________________________  [Don't base your evaluations on friendship or personality conflicts. Your input can be a valuable indicator to help assess  contributions in a fair manner. THESE EVALUATIONS WILL NOT BE SEEN BY YOUR GROUP MEMBERS.]   !
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