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PETITION FOR DIVORCE (without children)

The Kansas Divorce Petition (No Children) is a form that has to be submitted by the petitioner at the beginning of a divorce process that doesn’t include minor children in the State of Kansas.


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Rev. 12/2016 ©KSJC
In the Matter of the Marriage of
(Name of person filing this Petition) Case No.________________
(Name of person who is not filing this Petition)
PETITION FOR DIVORCE (without children) “Petitioner” means the person filing this Petition.
“Respondent” means the person who is not filing the Petition. “Parties” means the Petitioner and Respondent.
The person filing this petition states:
1. I am now living at: ________________________________________ (Street address),
_________________ (city), _______ (state) and I have lived in Kansas Other: ________________
since _________ (date). 2.Respondent is now living at: _____________________________________ (Street
address), __________________ (city), _______ (state) Unknown, and has lived in Kansas Other:
___________________ since ________ (date). 3. We were married on the following date and year: ________________________ in the
following city and state: ___________________________________ and have been married since that
date. 4.We are incompatible and should receive a divorce.
5. We do not now have any children from our relationship who are under the age of 19. Neither party is pregnant.
Or _______________________________ is pregnant at the time this petition is filed.
(Name of Petitioner or Respondent)
Or Unknown.

Rev. 12/2016 ©KSJC
2 of 26.
The court should distribute the marital property and debts as agreed upon or as the court
may decide.
7.I do do not request spousal support.
8. Respondent is is not now on active duty with the United States Military.
Optional: 9. I request to be restored to the following former name: _______________________.
On final hearing, the court should grant a divorce, divide the property and debts between the
parties and issue other appropriate orders.
Signature of Petitioner
Name (Print): __________________________________
Address 1: ____________________________________
Address 2: ____________________________________
City, State, Zip: ________________________________
Telephone Number: _____________________________
COUNTY OF _____________________
I swear or affirm that the statements made in this Petition are true and that I am the person filing
this petition. X____________________________________________
Signature of Petitioner
SUBSCRIBED AND SWORNto before me, a Notary Public, this ______ day of
_______________________________ 20_____.
Notary Public
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