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Petition for Adoption

This form is to be used for a Petition for Adoption in Michigan.Download

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In the matter of 	Full name of child	 , adoptee 	
Approved, SCAO 	JIS  CODE: APF	
        	 Related Within 5th Degree	
        	 Other (Excluding Direct Adoption)	
 I, 	Name (*see note below)	 , join with my spouse in this petition for adoption. 	(Applies only to stepparent adoptions.)	
The petitioners are:	
to Adoptee	Address, City, State, Zip	
Date and Place	
of Birth	
 Adopting  parent
 Adopting  parent
Each adopting petitioner states:
 1.  An action within the jurisdiction of the family division of circuit cour\
t involving the family or family members of the minor 
      has been previously filed in 	 	 Court, Case Number 	 	 , was	
     assigned to Judge 	 	 , and   	 remains   	 is no longer    pending.	
2. I desire to adopt:       	Full name of child (type or print)	  Birth date and time	
                                      	City, county, and state of birth	 	
                                  	Current residential address (if known)	
3. The adoptee will be my heir at law.
             	 not be changed.	
4. The adoptee’s name will     	 be changed to 	First                                           Middle                  \
                    Last	 .	
5. The adoptee’s property is 	 	 .	
6. 	 a.  The adoptee’s parents are	
 	Father’s name (type or print)                                                \
       Birth date	  	Mother’s name and maiden name (type or print)                              Bi\
rth date	
 	Address	  	Address	
 	City, state, zip	  	City, state, zip	
 	 b.  The rights of the parents have been terminated by a court of competent j\
urisdiction and parental rights are vested in	
 	Name and address of court or agency	 .	
*Use Note	: Enter the name of the biological, legal, or custodial parent.
Do not write below this line - For court use only	
(See additional pages)	
PCA 301	 (6/17) 	PETITION FOR ADOPTION	MCL 710.24, 	MCL	 710.26, 	MCL	 710.45, 	MCL	 710.46, 	MC	L 710.52, MCL 710.56, MCL 712B.9(1)

Petition for Adoption	 	(6/17) Page 	   of 	  	 	
 	 	(attach copy[ies] of letters of authority)	7. The adoptee’s court-appointed guardian and/or conservator is/are 	
    	Name(s) and address(es)	 .	
 	 	 	8. The adoptee has been living with the petitioners in their home for   months before filing this petition.
 	 9. The other parent has failed to provide support or comply with a support order and failed to visit or contact th\
e adoptee for 	
     	(Attach form PCA 302, Supplemental Petition and Affidavit to Terminate Parental Rights of Noncustodial Parent.)	a period of 2 years or more. 	
 	 	10. I have been unable to obtain the required consent to adopt the child from the court, Michigan Department of Health and	
       	Human Services or child-placing agency having permanent custody, or from the persons to whom the child was released.	
       	A motion alleging that the decision to withhold consent was arbitrary and\
 capricious is attached.	
 	 	(Attach separate sheet as needed.)	11. I am married but my spouse is not joining me in this petition because: 
 	 	12. The adoptee is an Indian child as defined in MCR 3.002(12). The identity of the tribe is	
     	Name of tribe, if known	 .
 	13. Termination of all existing parental rights inconsistent with the order o\
f adoption, entry of an order approving placement of
   	the child with me, and entry of an order of adoption with the adoptee’\
s name recorded as stated in item 4.
 	 	 	14. The adoption be completed immediately because 	
 	 	15. The court to waive the required investigation because the adoptee has been placed in foster care with me for at least 12 	
       	months and a foster family study was completed or updated within the las\
t 12 months.
I declare that the statements above are true to the best of my informati\
on, knowledge, and belief.	
  	Attorney signature	Date	
  	Attorney name (type or print)                                                            Bar no.	Signature of petitioner	
  	Address	Signature of petitioner	
  	City, state, zip                                                            \
            Telephone no.	Petitioner telephone no.	
  	Name of agency representative (type or print)	Address	
  	Agency name	City, state, zip	
Telephone no.	E-mail

Petition for Adoption 	(6/17) Page 	  	 of 	  	File No.	  	
 16. 	Court agent or employee, child-placing agency, or Michigan Department of Health and Human Services	 is directed to fully investigate and	
       report its findings in writing to this court, within 3 months of this order, in accordance with the provisions of MCL 710.46.
 17.  The full investigation is waived. The petitioner(s) shall file a copy of the most recent foster family s\
tudy as updated and
 18.  The petitioner(s) shall give notice of this petition to the persons pr\
escribed in MCR 3.800(B) in accordance with MCR
     3.802(A)(3) 	(use form PCA 352)	.	
Date	  	Judge                                                                   \
                                 Bar no.
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To ensure everybody is satisfied with the adoption, there's a 3 month adjustment'' period before the adoption is complete. An adoption is not going to be prevented by how a child has a legal guardian. In the state of Texas, adoptions can happen so long as an individual is over age 18 shows evidence of having the ability to provide for the youngster and meet their very best interests. It can be a complex legal matter, and you may need an experienced attorney to handle your petition for adoption. It is a wonderful way to build a family. It can be a tricky process. Personal adoptions are lawful in the majority of states.
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By considering numerous children, you're more likely to attach with a kid. The kid has to have a valid visa. In a stepparent or relative adoption, he or she remains in the custody of the person who asked to adopt the child (if that person is able to take care of the child). Once he or she comes to live with you, you will have a trial period to make sure your family and the child are a good fit.

If your son or daughter is qualified for post-adoption subsidies, you're the youngster's advocate and as such you must understand that the little one receives what's due to him. In case the kid is over twelve years old, the youngster must also consent. He or she may be related to the person adopting the child either by blood or by marriage.

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