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Notice to Terminate Joint Account Form

This form can be used to terminate the relationship in a business account that is shared between multiple parties.



Extracted Text for Proper Search

Notice to Terminate Joint Account	 	
Date: ________________	 	
[name and address of creditor]	 	
Name	s on account: _______________________________	 	
Account number: _________________________________	 	
To Whom It May Concern:	 	
With this letter, I am requesting that you close the account referenced above, effective 	
I am requesting a "hard close" o	f the account so that neither party to the account may 	
incur new charges. If you do not hard close the account, please be informed that as of the 
date of this letter, I will not be responsible for any new charges made to this account.	 	
If my account has an 	outstanding balance, you may keep the account open for billing 	
purposes only. Nevertheless, I request that you keep the account inactive so that neither 
party to the account can incur new charges.	 	
Please acknowledge receipt of this notice by signing the du	plicate of this letter and 	
returning it to me in the enclosed stamped, self	-addressed envelope.	 	
Thank you for your assistance with this matter.	 	
Printed or typed name	 	
_______________________________	 	_______________________________	 	
Home Phone	 	Work Phone	 	
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------	----	 	
Receipt acknowledged by:	 	
__________________________________________________ Date ________________	 	

Printed or typed name	 	
Outstanding balance: ______________	 	As of: 	_______________
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