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Montana DMV Bill of Sale Form

Montana DMV Bill of Sale.pdf Establishes a transaction between a purchase and seller over a vehicle for a sale.Download

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Montana county and state authorities reserve the right to reject any form that has been altered	. 	MV24 (	10/12	) 	This form is 	available in alternate formats for people with disabilities	. 	
 	Title and Registration Bureau	 	
Bill	 of Sale	 	
Office Use Only
1003 Buckskin Drive, Deer Lodge, MT 59722	-2375  	   Phone (406) 	444	-3661	   Fax (406) 846	-6039   		 	 	
*** This form must be 	completed in its entirety	. ***	 	 	 As recorded on this form,	 I received the sum of	  	 	dollars	 	 
($________________)	 	and other valuable consideration to sell, transfer and deliver to	 	 
DL/FEIN/Tribal ID/Corp ID	*  	 
my right, title and 	interest to the following described vehicle/vessel:	 	 
Vehicle/Hull I	dentification 	No. 	 	 
License 	Plate 	No. 	 	
Salvage vehicle (must be 15 years old or older)	:  	 Yes  	 	 No	 	
 Sold for parts only:	  Yes 	    	No 	 	
Odometer Statement 	 	
The 	(check one)	 	five 	or 	six	 digit odometer now reads 	(no tenths)	 ________________ 	miles, date read 	 	  	
and	 to the best of my knowledge	 it reflects the actual mileage 	unless one of the following statements is checked: 	 	 	
 	 The odometer reading reflects the amount of mileage in 	excess of its mechanical limits.	 	
 The odometer reading is not the actual mileage. 	Warning 	– odometer discrepancy.	 	 	 I, (	purchaser	) am aware of the odometer certification made by the seller	 above	. 	
Purchaser’s	 signature	 	 	Date	 	
 	 	This is my legal signature	 	 	 	
Purchaser	’s printed name	 	
Electronic title acknowledgement	 if electronic 	record	 transfer is required	 in accordance with MCA 61	-3-220(1)(a) & 	(2), I certify that:	 	
 	I am not in possession of the title	. 	
 	I am the owner of this 	vehicle and I authorize the transfer to the above	-named purchaser	. 	
 	I have not previously transferred to another person for sale.	 	 I further certify that:	 	 	I have the right to sell the vehicle/vessel described above and will warrant and defend the title agai	nst the claims and demands 	of all persons except the secured party noted 	on the Montana title application	.   	 	Under penalty of law 	(MCA 45	-7-203 	Unsworn F	alsification to Authorities	) the statements made on this form are true and 	correct to the best of my knowledge, information and belief, and if signing for a commercial entity, I have full authority to	 do so.	 	
Seller’s signature	 	 	Date	 	
 	 	This is my legal signature	 (All owners must sign)	  	 	 	
Seller’s printed name	 	 	DL/FEIN/Tribal ID/Corp ID	*  	                                             	If signing for a commercial entity, give full entity name	 	
*DL=Driver License No.; FEIN=Federal Employee Identification 	No.; Tribal ID=Tribal Identification Card No.; Corp ID=Corporate Identification No.	 	
Notary Use Only:	 	
 State of	 	 County of	 	 Signed before me on 	 	 (date)	 	 Notary Stamp/Seal	 	
 by (clearly print name of person 	signing form	) 	
 Notary signature	 	 Printed name	 	
 Title or rank	 	 Residing at	 	 My commission expires
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The USA is still a British Colony, although this is true that isn't widely publicized. NOT what the present government let's you know it's about but what it is truly about. It's possible for you to supply a Bill of Sale. Therefore, you can readily get the no cost Bill Of Sale Form. First one wants to comprehend what the 2nd Amendment is about.
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Automobiles are among the main causes of death in today's age. As an example, if a person pledges a vehicle as collateral for financing, the lender might take a bill of sale for the vehicle, to develop into effective only as long as the borrower defaults on the loan. Or perhaps it's you who's purchasing the vehicle. Older second hand cars and trucks will probably develop some mechanical issues and to breakdown as more time continues and parts start to use out. Cancel your auto insurance so if anything happens to the automobile, you won't be held responsible. These vehicles could be exported usually. If you get a used car or truck and can't transport it to an inspection station to have the automobile inspected, you can request a 30-day temporary registration once you title your automobile.

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