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Missouri Notice of Hearing Form

For informing spouses involved in a divorce case that they have a scheduled court hearing in the State of Missouri, the Missouri Notice of Hearing Form has to be sent to both spouses.


Extracted Text for Proper Search

Notice of Hear	ing - Pag	e 1 of 1 	
IN	 THE CIR	CUIT COURT OF _________________________, MIS	SOURI 	
 	         	(County where court is located) 	 
 	 	_________________ 	_____________ 	____________________ 	_________  	(First) 	(Middle) 	(Last) 	(Jr./Sr./III) 	 	
Petitioner/Plaintiff, 	 	Case No. _____	______	_ 	
-and	- 	 	
 	 	Division No. ____	______	__ 	_________________ 	_____________ 	____________________ 	_________  	 	(First) 	(Middle) 	(Last) 	(Jr./Sr./III) 	 	
Respon	dent/D	efendant. 	 	
Not	ice of	 H	ear	ing 	
Chec	k one o	f thes	e t	wo boxes	. 	
  I a	m t	he P	etitioner	/Plaintiff,  (The party that filed the original petition) 	  I a	m t	he R	espondent	/Defen	dant,  (The party that answers the original petition) 	  I a	m _______	______	____	_________	______	______	_. 	
I am	 giving you notice that the court will h	ear _____	__________	______	______	__________	_____ 	 	
 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	(Type o	f Hearing) 	
on ____	______	______	___	_____ a	t _______	______	 a.m	./p.m	. 	
 	 	(Date o	f Hearing)  	 	(Time o	f Hearing) 	
 Note:  Desc	ribe the type o	f hearing such as “	Petitioner’s Petition for Dissolution of Marriage”, “Resp	ondent’s Request for Continuance” or 	“Defendant’s Motion to Dism	iss”	.  Also make su	re you include the county in which the h	earing will be h	eard and the d	ivision of the co	urt, if 	applicable. 	
Proof	 of Service 	
I certify und	er oath that I have given the other pa	rty a co	py of this Notice of He	aring pursuant to Missouri Supreme Court 	
Ru	le 43.01(d) by: (You MUST check at least O	NE of the following three b	oxes) 	
 Mailing a copy to the o	ther pa	rty or his or her attorney on _	______	________, 20_____ a	t the following address: 	______________________________________________________________________ 	(Street	) 	_________________________ 	__________________ 	______________ 	(City)  	 	 	(State) 	 	 	(Zip) 	
 Handing a copy to the other party or his or her atto	rney on ____	____	_______, 20_____. 	 Sending a copy to the other pa	rty or his or her attorney by fax to ___	_______________ (telephone n	umber) on 	
_______________, 20_____ a	t ____________ (time). 	
COUNTY OF _____	_____ ) 	
 	 	 	)  ss.	 	
STATE OF ________	___	_ ) 	
Affiant, of lawful age, being duly sworn o	n h	is or her oath, states that he or she is the affiant named herein a	nd that the 	
facts stated	 in this Notice of He	aring are true according to h	is or her best knowledge and belief. 	
►___	_________________________	______ 	___	___________________________	____ 	
     	Affiant – SIGN HERE 	 	Affiant – PR	INT YOUR NAME HERE 	
Subscribed and sworn to this ___	__ d	ay of __	________________,	 20____. 	
___	_____________________ 	 	 	My	 Commissi	on Expires:  	________	_________________ 	
No	tary Public 	
Form CAFC510	-04/01/200	9
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