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Massachusetts Limited Partnership Reinstatement Following Administrative Dissolution Form

In the case of a dissolved limited partnership wanting to return in good standing with the State of Massachusetts and resuming its business operations in the state, the following form has to be completed and submitted.


Extracted Text for Proper Search

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts	
William Francis Galvin	
Secretary of the Commonwealth	
One Ashburton Place - Room 1717, Boston, Massachusetts 02108-1512	
Limited Partnership	
Application For Reinstatement	 	
Following Administrative Dissolution	
(General Laws Chapter 109, Section 66)	
(1) Exact name of limited partnership: 	 
(2) Resident agent office address:	
 	Name of the resident agent at resident agent office:	
 	(3) Effective date of the limited partnership’s administrative dissolution:
(4) The grounds for administrative dissolution:(check appropriate box):
did not exist.

have been eliminated.
 	(5) The limited partnership’s name satisfies the requirements of G.L. Chapter 109, Section 2 or the limited partnership shall  simultaneously submit a certificate of amendment to change its name to a name that satisfies th\
e requirements of G.L. 
Chapter 109, Section 2.	
 	(6) The reinstatement of the limited partnership shall be effective at the time and on the date approved by the Division:	
_____________________________________________________________________	,
Signed by (signature of general partner): 	 	
_________________________	day of	_________________________________________	, _____________________	.
on this	 	 	
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