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Maryland Request For Hearing Form

In case of spouses involved in a divorce case wanting to set a date with the court to finalize the case in the State of Maryland, the Maryland Request For Hearing Form has to be completed and submitted.


Extracted Text for Proper Search

City or County
Apt. #
City StateZip Code Area
Code Telephone Name
Street Address Apt. #
City StateZip Code Area
Code Telephone
Plaintiff Defendant
Circuit Court for
Case No.
Please schedule the above-captioned case for a hearing or proceeding of the following type:

               emergency hearing                                   trial on the merits

               scheduling conference                             uncontested hearing

                pendente lite hearing                                 other:

                pretrial conference

The following matters are at issue (check all that apply):

                divorce                                                      use and possession

                custody                                                      marital property

                visitation                                                   marital award

                child support                                             retirement interests

                alimony                                                     attorney's fees / court costs


                                                         CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE
I HEREBY CERTIFY that on this                 day of                                               ,                   , a copy of
this Request for Hearing or Proceeding was mailed, postage prepaid to:
 DR 59 (Rev. 6/2008)Opposing Party or His/Her Attorney
City                                                                                                   State                                                                   Zip
Date Signature
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