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Maryland LLC Articles of Amendment Form

In the case of a limited liability company wanting to change information already submitted to the Secretary of State’s office in the State of Maryland, the┬áMaryland LLC Articles of Amendment Form has to be completed and submitted along with a $100 filing fee.



Extracted Text for Proper Search

for a Limited Liability Company 	
(1) _____________________________________________________________________	
Insert full name of the Limited Liability Company (LLC).	 	
(2)  The Charter of the Limited Liability Company is hereby amended as follows: 	
(3) _________________________________  I hereby consent to serve as Resident Agent 
       for the above named Limited Liability Company. 
      _________________________________  _______________________________    
      	Signature of Authorized Person(s)	    	Signature required only for new resident agents	 	
 Revised 8/05
INSTRUCTIONS: Limited Liability Company Articles  of Amendment must be approved by the unanimous 
Consent of the members, signed by an authorized pers on, and filed with the Department of Assessments and 
Taxation at 301 W. Preston Street, 8	
th Floor, and Baltimore, Maryland  21201.  The Articles do not have to recite 
the approval of the members.  	
The above form may be used or a document may be created based on the above format.  	
 The filing fee for 
this document is $100, however other fees may apply for related services from the Corporate Charter Division.
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