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Maryland Judgment of Divorce Form

For making the divorce final in the State of Maryland, a judge has to sign the Maryland Judgment of Divorce Form at the final divorce hearing. You are required to make and keep copies of this form for the record.



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Page ____ of  ______	This Partial Order consists of 2 pages (w/o attachments)JO 1 - Revised 2 November 2000	
v. *
* __________________________________
Defendant *Civil No.: 
* * * * * * * * * * * * *	
This Order consists of this document and the attached sections concernin\
[    ] Custody [    ] Other Child Issues
[    ] Visitation      [    ] Alimony
[    ] Child Support       [    ] Other Orders
The provisions of this order are based upon
[    ] An evidentiary hearing before a [    ] Judge     [    ] Master fo\
llowing: [    ]a written request for relief and a response
[    ] a written request for relief and entry of an order of default.
At hearing the following individuals personally appeared:
[    ] plaintiff [    ] defendant [    ] attorney for child(ren)
[    ] attorney for plaintiff [    ] attorney for defendant [    ] other:                                                  	
[    ] An agreement of the parties:
[    ] submitted in writing
[    ] placed orally on the record before a [    ] Judge    [    ] Maste\
2.1 Grant of Absolute Divorce.  It is this                	
 day of                                                                      	 , 2         	 ,
by the Circuit Court for                                                               	
ORDERED,  that the Plaintiff is hereby granted an absolute divorce from \
the Defendant.
2.2  Incorporation of Separation Agreement.     
[   ] ORDERED, that all of the terms and provisions of the separation agreemen\
t signed by the parties
and dated                                                          
 are hereby approved by the Court and incorporated,
but not merged, into this judgment by reference[.]
[   ] with the exception of:                                                                         \

Page ____ of  ______	This Partial Order consists of 2 pages (w/o attachments)JO 1 - Revised 2 November 2000	
2.3   Monetary Award or Reservation of the Power to Determine Marital Pr\
[   ]ORDERED,  that, pursuant to Md. Fam. Law Code Ann. § 8-205,                                             	
                           	 shall pay directly to                                                                    	 a monetary award in
the amount of $                                                	
 to adjust the respective rights and equities of the
parties in their marital property and said monetary award shall be reduc\
ed to judgment in favor of
[   ] ORDERED, that, pursuant to Md. Fam. Law Code Ann. § 8-203(a)(2), \
the Court expressly
reserves the power to determine marital property within a period not to \
exceed 90 days from the
date of this order, unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties or exten\
ded by this Court, and to
determine the amount of any marital award at that time.
2.4 Transfer of Interest in a Retirement Asset
[   ] The transfer of an interest in a retirement asset has been addressed in \
an accompanying Qualified
Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) which was or is being signed by the Co\
urt on the                	
 , 2              	 .  [NB: The Court should refrain from entering a judgment
of absolute divorce where retirement assets are to be transferred until \
a QDRO has been
2.5 Restoration of Former Name
[   ] ORDERED , that                                                                  	
 is hereby restored to the use of the former
name of                                                                          \
2.6  Attorney Fees and Judgment.
[   ] ORDERED , that                                                       	
 is directed to pay  $                                      	   to            
 as contribution toward attorney fees, to be paid within               	
[    ] If payment is not made within 30 days, upon filing of an affidavit by th\
e payee, a
judgment shall be entered against                                                               	
, in that amount,
together with interest at the legal rate.
          2.7 Court Costs.   ORDERED that the following is/are to pay the costs of these proceeding\
s, payable to the
Court, in the manner indicated below:
[   ] PLAINTIFF ________________
[   ] DEFENDANT ______________
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