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Maine Limited Partnership GP Dissociation Form

In the case of a general partner wanting to withdraw and remove all legal connections with an entity in the State of Maine, the Maine Limited Partnership GP Dissociation Form has to be completed and submitted along with a $35 filing fee.


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Deputy Secretary of State 	
A True Copy When Attested By Signature 	
Deputy Secretary of State 	
                       Filing Fee $35.00 	
(Name of Limited Partnership) 	
Pursuant to 	31 MRSA §1375.1.D	, the undersigned general partner executes and de livers the following Statement of Dissociation: 	
FIRST:    The general partner named herein is dissoci ated from the above named limited partnership. 
                      (Name of General Partner	) 	
Dated __________________________ 
General Partner(s) *         
___________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________ 
                 (signature)                            (type or print name)	 	
For General Partner(s) which are Entities 
Name of Entity _______________________________________________________________________\
By ________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________ 
               (authorized signature)                  (type or print name and capacity)	 	
*Certificate MUST be signed by the person dissociated as a general partner. (	31 MRSA §1324.1.G	) 	
The execution of this application c onstitutes an oath or affirmation unde r the penalties of false swearing under 	17-A MRSA §453	. 	
Please remit your payment made payabl e to the Maine Secretary of State. 
Submit completed form to:    Secretary of State 
    Division of Corp orations, UCC and Commissions 
    101 State House Station 
    Augusta, ME  04333-0101  
    Telephone Inquiries:  (207) 624-7752 Email Inquiries:  	[email protected]	
 Form No. MLPA-9B  (1 of 1) Rev. 7/1/2007
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