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Maine Limited Partnership Correction Form

In the case of a limited partnership wanting to modify information that has already been submitted to the Secretary of State’s office in the state of Maine, the Maine Limited Partnership Correction Form has to be completed and submitted along with a $50 filing fee.



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Deputy Secretary of State 	
A True Copy When Attested By Signature 	
Deputy Secretary of State 	
                       Filing Fee $50.00 	
(Name of Limited Partnership) 	
Pursuant to 	31 MRSA §1327	, the undersigned limited partnershi	p, executes and delivers for filing this Statement of Correction:	
FIRST:    Name of record requiring correction: ______________________________________________________________ 
             	(i.e. Certificate of Limited Partnership, Certificate of Amendment, etc.)	 	
SECOND:   Date on which the record was f iled by Secretary of State: _________________________________________________ 
THIRD:   Said record contained false or erroneous  information or was defectively signed. 
FOURTH: The incorrect information and the reason it is incorrect or the manner in which the signing was defective is:  (Attach 
separate document if more space is needed.) 
FIFTH:   The portion of the said record is correct ed to read in its entirety as follows:  (Attach sepa rate document if more space is 
Form No. MLPA-17  (1 of 2)

SIXTH:   When filed by the Secretary of State, the Statement of Correction is effective retr oactively as of the effective date of the 
record the statement corrects, but  the statement is effective when filed, except for the purposes of 	
31 MRSA §1303.3 
and 4	
, and as to those persons relying on the uncorrected  record and adversely affected by the correction. 	
SEVENTH: (Foreign Limited Partnership Only) 	
Jurisdiction of organization______________________________________________and  the date on which the limited  
partnership was authorized to do business in Maine__________________________________________________. 	
DATED __________________________  
General Partner(s)* 
___________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________ 
                 (signature)                            (type or print name)	 	
For General Partner(s)  which are Entities 
Name of Entity _______________________________________________________________________\
By ________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________ 
                 (signature)                            (type or print name)	 	
*Statement MUST be signed by at least one  general partner listed in the certificate (	31 MRSA §1324.1.J	) 	
The execution of this statement cons titutes an oath or affirmation under the penalties of false swearing under 	17-A MRSA §453	. 	
**Business entity is defined as a business corporation, a limited partnership or a limited liability company. 
Please remit your payment made payabl e to the Maine Secretary of State. 
Submit completed form to:    Secretary of State 
    Division of Corp orations, UCC and Commissions 
    101 State House Station 
    Augusta, ME  04333-0101  
    Telephone Inquiries:  (207) 624-7752 Email Inquiries:  	[email protected]	
Form No. MLPA-17 (2 of 2)  Rev. 5/21/2009
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