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Instructions How to File For Divorce in Michigan Form

In order to be able to file for divorce in the State of Michigan, use the following instructions.


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S	TEP	 1	 - The person that has decided to file for divorce must fill out the 	
following forms and submit to the Michigan County Court Clerk's Office in your 
• Complaint for Divorce	
S	TEP	 2	 - Now you must send the following forms to your spouse:	
• Answer and Waiver Form
• Copy of  Your 'Complaint for Divorce'	
S	TEP	 3	 - Now you must find a way to get a completed 'Answer and Waiver Form 	
(803D)' from your spouse. Once you receive this form back, you will have to 
deliver and file it with the clerk.
S	TEP	 4	 - Each spouse, on their own, must complete and file with the court the 	
following forms:	
• Disclosure of Income and Health Insurance Information
• Employment Status Disclosure
• Marital Settlement Agreement
• *If you have children, you must fill out the Child Care Verification 	
S	TEP	 5	 - 	The spouse that had originally filed the complaint must completely fill 	
out the 	Judgment 	and attach the	 Separation Agreement	 and send both the 	
documents to the other spouse. Make 3 copies and keep with you until your court 
S	TEP	 6	 - 	At this time you are ready to make a date with the court. Complete the	 	
Notice of Hearing	 form and send to your spouse a copy and file it with the 	
court as well as the	Judgement	.	
S	TEP	 7	 -	 At this time you will be provided with a court hearing date. Be sure to 	
bring the	 Record of Divorce or Annulment	 to the court hearing. At the 	
hearing or shortly after you will receive a	 Certificate of Judgement 	which will 	
be the official form that solidifies your divorce.
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Don't be shocked if the court says something isn't right, and you must repeat step one a few times. Your court could have an advisor to supply some help. The court retains jurisdiction to produce more orders as are required to enforce or clarify the conditions of this purchase.

If you're currently undergoing this procedure, you can get comprehensive instructions and live assistance from experts on a South African passport renewal site. The procedure can be long, pricey, and very stressful. When the legal procedure for separation was started, each party has to bear own court expenses and attorney fees.

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