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How to File For Divorce in Washington Form

In the case of wanting to file for a divorce in the State of Washington, the following form can be used as a reference on the steps of the divorce process in the state.



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S	TEP	 1	 - To start filling out the forms, the spouses should meet with one another 	
in order to fill out the following forms:	
• Domestic Cover Sheet (*leave blank the 'Attorney Information 	
• Confidential Information
• Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (Sign 'Joinder' section)
• Financial Declaration
• Sealed Financial Source Document
• Parenting Plan (*if you have children)
• Child Support Worksheet	 (*if you have children)	
You may want to call the clerk to see what the filing fee is for your county before 
you file the forms with the Court Clerk's office in the County where you are a 
resident. 	See List	.	
S	TEP	 2	 - You must 	SERVE	 your spouse (You can serve by simple standard mail) 	
of the filing by sending copies of the filed documents (above) as well as the 
ACCEPTANCE OF SERVICE	 form which must be completed and signed by your 	
spouse and returned to you.
S	TEP 	3	 - When you go to the clerk's office to file the Acceptance of Service, you 	
will be allowed to make a court hearing date. You will have to make the date at least 
90 days from the date you filed all the divorce forms in Step 2.
S	TEP 	4	 - You can now schedule a court hearing date over the phone with the 	
clerk. You will be given a date and you will need to notify your spouse of the time 
and day.
Be sure to complete the following forms:	
• Order of Child Support	 (*if you have children)	
• Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law
• Decree of Dissolution of Marriage	
S	TEP 	5	 - Go to your court hearing bringing all the filed and completed 	
documents. If the Judge sees fit that you have completed all the necessary steps 
then your Decree will be signed. File the Decree with the clerk and the divorce

process is complete in the State of Washington.
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