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How to Change Your Name in Wyoming Form

In the case of wanting to change your legal name in the State of Wyoming, the following instructions can be used as a reference.


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Step 1	 - Download and completely fill in the 	Wyoming Name Change 	
Petition	 (This will be the official application for changing your name) and 	
Notice of Publication and Affidavit for Name Change	. You will need to have 	
these forms 	NOTARIZED	.	
Step 2	 - Submit your forms at the 	court location in your county	 and pay the	 	
filing fee	.You will be given a court date for your hearing.	
Step 3	 - Get your 	Notice of Publication 	and submit it to a newspaper that 	
circulates within your county. The ad must run for at least once per week for 4 
consecutive weeks. The clerk can usually guide you to the best newspaper to 
use. Once you have fully published your new name to the public, you will be 
given a '	Public Notice Affidavit	'.	
Step 4	 - If no one makes a claim against your name change, then you may 	
fill out a 	Motion Requesting Order Signing	 and a 	Order for Name Change	, 	
NOTARIZED	, and submitted to the court clerk's office. The judge will sign and 	
you will be notified of when your name change decree will be available for 
Step 5	 - Take your official Order Changing Name to the DMV (to get a new 	
driver's license), Social Security Office, Passport Agency, Bank, and any other 
institutions that should be notified of your recent name change.
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