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How to Change Your Name in Kansas Instructional Form

Instructions to Change Your Name in Kansas.pdf Step by step guide on the legal name change process in Kansas.Download

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Step 1 - Fill-Out the Kansas Name Change Petition and Kansas Civil Cover Sheet, you will need to have these forms notarized which can be done at every branch bank in the United States.  Step 2 - Make 2 copies of each.  Step 3 - File the Petition to the County Court Clerk's office in the County where you live (See County List Below). Pay the filing fee and you will be given a case number. • $173.50 Filing Fee  Step 4 - You will have to publish the name change publicly by having it issued in the newspaper at least once per week for 3 consecutive weeks. Upon completion the newspaper will send to the court or you a Statement of Publication. If they send this to you be sure to bring it with you when your court hearing has been assigned or when you will be in front of the Clerk again. You may have to have the following form completed when submitting your name change publication to the newspaper: • Notice of Hearing By Publication  !Step 5 - Go to the court hearing date you have been assigned or when you are notified with a Kansas Order for Name Change completed. County Court Clerk's Office, you will be able to change your name at any public or private institution. !
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