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form_b3130s_0 Order Conditionally Approving Disclosure Statement

The US Bankruptcy Judge issues this notice upon conditional approval of the named individual’s disclosure statement (pursuant to Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code).Download

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Form 3130S (12/15)  
[Caption as in Official Form 416A]  
Order  and Notice  Conditionally Approving Disclosure Statement;  Fixing Time 
for Filing Acceptances or Rejections of Plan;  Fixing Time for Filing Objections 
to Disclosure Statement and Objections  to Confirmation of Plan; and Fixing 
Time for Hearing on Final Approval of Disclosure  Statement and Hearing on  
Confirmation of Plan                                           
A disclosure statement under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code ha ving been filed by 
____________________________________________, on _____________________ with respect to a plan under 
chapter 11 of the Code filed by _________________________________, on  _____________________; and the 
debtor being, and having elected to be considered, a small business:  
IT IS ORDERED , and notice is hereby given, that:  
A.  The disclosure statement filed by __________________________________ is conditionally approved.  
B.   ___________________________________ is fixed as the last day for filing written acceptances or 
rejections of the plan referred to above.  
C.  Within ____________ days after the entry of this order, the plan, the disclosure statement and a ballot 
conforming to  Ballot for Accepting or Rejecting Plan of Reorganization ( Official Form  314) shall be 
mailed to creditors, equity security holders, and other parties in interest, and shall be transmitted to the 
United States trustee.  
D.  _____________________________________ _________________________________ is fixed for the 
hearing on final approval of the disclosure statement (if a written objection has been timely filed) and 
for the hearing on confirmation of the plan.  
E.  _____________________________________ is fixed as the l ast day for filing and serving written 
objections to the disclosure statement and confirmation of the plan.  
   By the court:     
       _____________    __________________________  
MM / DD / YYYY   United States Bankruptcy Judge
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