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Fedex Credit Card Authorization Form

In the case of wanting to pay for another person’s charge at a FedEx store, the following form has to be completed and submitted.


Extracted Text for Proper Search

Office. Credit Card Authorization  Form      Instructions This form authorizes FedEx Office to charge the following credit card account for services performed. Complete this form and fax it to FedEx Office at the number above.    Customer/Account Information  Date Company Name (if applicable) Customer Name Address 1 Address 2 City State Zip Phone Fax E-mail Name of Card Holder (print) Credit Card Type (check one) D  FedEx Office  Commercial  Account  (not  FedEx shipping acct.) D  American Express                        D Diners Club D  Discover                                        D MasterCard D  Visa Account Number Expiration Date Amount to be Charged$  Credit Card Holder's Authorization Signature Date   ©2010 FedEx Office  and Print  Services, Inc.
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