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Equipment Bill of Sale Form

In the case of wanting to conduct a legal purchase or sale of any type of equipment, the following bill has to be signed by both the buyer and the seller who are involved in the process.


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Equipment Bill of Sale 	
BE IT KNOWN, that for payment in the sum of $_________________, the full receipt of 
which is acknowledged, the undersigned _________________________ (Seller) hereby 
sells and transfers to _________________________ (Buyer), the following described piece 
of equipment:  
Serial #: 
The sale is subject to the following conditions and representations: 
Seller acknowledges receipt of $_________________ in payment for the Equipment.  
Equipment is paid in full. 
Seller certifies to the best of the Seller's knowledge that the hour reading listed in the 
equipment’s description above reflects the actual hours of the Machine. The Machine's 
hour meter was not altered, set back, or disconnected while in the Seller's possession, 
and the Seller has no knowledge of anyone doing so. 
Seller warrants to Buyer that Seller has full authority to sell and transfer said property, 
and that said property is sold free of all liens, encumbrances, liabilities, and adverse 
claims of every nature and description whatsoever. 
Seller has no knowledge of any hidden defects in and to the Machine, and believes to 
the best of the Seller's knowledge that the Equipment being sold is in good operating 
condition. Said Machine is otherwise sold in “as is” condition and where currently 
Date Signed:   
Signature of Seller:   
Signature of Buyer:   
In the presence of (Witness):   
Signature of witness:
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