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Connecticut Management Agreement Form

Case Management Agreement.pdf This form will be filed with the clerk to identify what type of divorce you are filing.Download

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Defendant has not filed an Appearance — Complete
Section II
(There is agreement on all issues.)	 — Complete
Section II	
Section V — Signatures — 	This form must be signed  by the parties and the attorneys who appear for the parties.	
Section IV — Conferences — 	To help settle outstanding issues, the parties agree to and/or have scheduled
conferences as follows:  (Check all that apply)	
Settlement Conference with Family Services 
on (Date)
 A Private Settlement Conference wi h all Parties and their Attorneys 
on  (Date)	
Signature of Judge / Assistant Clerk	The above Case Management Agreement
is Approved and Ordered by the Court:	
Ready for Court-Annexed Mediation
on (Date)	
Private Mediation on (Date)	
Ready for Family Special Masters Conference
on (Date)	
1. You must file this agreement with the court on or before the case
    management date shown below  or  appear in person on the case
    management date. If you fail to do one or the other, your case 
    may be dismissed.
2.  If custody or visitation is contested, the parties and their attorneys     must come to court on the case management date with their parental
    responsibility plans (form JD-FM-199) if the dispute relates to custody.
3. If the parties need a scheduling conference with the court, they should come 
    to the court with their attorneys, if they have attorneys, on the case
    management date.	
and Report Back on (Date)	
Depositions Completed
(Date)	Appraisals of Other Assets  (Businesses, pensions, etc )
Completed by  (Date)	Appraisals of Real Property 
Completed by (Date)	
Written Responses and Documents 
Provided by (Date)	Financial Affidavits
Exchanged by  (Date)	
Status of Case:  (Check one)
Type of Case:  (Check all that apply)	
Name of Case
Judicial District of	
Docket Number	
C.G.S. §§ 46b-38oo, 46b-56
P.B. § 25-50, 
Section I — Type and Status of Case
Section II — Agreement on All Issues or Defendant Has Not Appeared
If there is agreement on all issues, or if the Defendant has not filed an Appearance, write in a date and time for an uncontest ed hearing
after checking with the family caseflow office or clerk's office for the schedule.
Day of the Week	Date	Time  (A.M /P.M )	
NOTE: If the Defendant has not filed an Appearance, you must give the Defendant reasonable notice of the date of the hearing.
Section III — Disputed Financial Issues	
Written Questions and Requests for 
Documents by  (Date)	
Other (Explain)
If any financial issues are disputed, the parties agree to the following schedule.  (If the parties do not agree to a schedule in Section III, or
the status of the case is contested, the parties and their attorneys mus\
t come to court on the case management date.)	
and Report Back on (Date)	
Plaintiff's Signature	Defendant's Signature	
Signature of Plain iff's Attorney	Signature of Defendant's Attorney	
Signature of Attorney for the Child(ren)	Assistant Attorney General's Signature	
Legal Separation	
and Report Back on (Date)	
Dissolution of Civil Union
Post Judgment Motion Divorce 	
(Dissolution of Marriage)	
Contested 	(Custody or visitation is disputed.) 	— Complete Sec-
tion III and appear in court on case management date
Case Management Date and Time (Check local schedule
Telephone Number	Telephone Number	
Telephone Number	Telephone Number	
Telephone Number	Telephone Number
Limited Contested 	(Only financial or property issues are
 — Complete Section III
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