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Computer Bill of Sale Form

Legal in all fifty (50) states, this form functions as proof of purchase/sale of a personal computer. To be legally binding, involved parties must fulfill the agreement portion and affix their respective signatures on the form.Download

Extracted Text for Proper Search

Bill of Sale For Computer 	
Type of Computer   Desktop    -     Laptop    -     Tablet/Mini    -     etc 
Manufacturer______________________  Style____________________________________ 
Color_____________________________  Processor Speed___________________________ 
RAM installed______________________  Max RAM________________________________ 
Monitor size_______________________   Monitor Style_____________________________    
Monitor resolution__________________  Processor Type____________________________ 
Drive 1 ___________________________   Drive 2___________________________________     
Input from sources____________________________________________________________ 
__________________________________Case/cover ________________________________ 
CD/DVD___________________________  Battery __________________________________ 
Manual___________________________  Damage_________ _________________________ 
Warranty time remaining_____________   Serial number_____________________________ 
Extra Comments______________________________________________________________ 
The seller is the owner of this property and agrees that there are no liens on the property and the seller has the right to sell it. 
The property is in good condition. If there were any  problems or defects, the buyer has been notified.   
The buyer has checked the computer and has agreed to buy it as is.	
This receipt, for the sum of $__________ is acknowledged by the seller a nd he/she  hereby 
sells or transfers the  computer.	
Paid by  - Check #_________    Cash_____      Credit/Debit Card ________      
Sold by (print name)____________________________________  
Address ____________________________________________________________________ 
Signature_____________________________________________  Date ____/____/_______ 
Bought by (print name) ________________________________   
Signature____________________________________________  Date ____/____/________ 
Witness (if applicable)_________________________________ _  Date____ / ____ / _______ 
Notary Public (if applicable)______________________________  Date ____ / ____ / ______  
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