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Civil Cover Sheet

If you submit any documents to the county court clerk’s office in the State of Nevada, you have to use this cover sheet.


Extracted Text for Proper Search

Nevada AOC – Research and Statistics Unit   Form PA 201 
   Rev. 2.5E 
Plaintiff(s) (name/address/phone):	       	
Attorney (name/address/phone): 
Defendant(s) (name/address/phone):	       	
Attorney (name/address/phone): 
 II. Nature of Controversy	 (Please check applicable bold category and    	 Arbitration Requested	 
 applicable subcategory,  if appropriate)    	
 Unlawful Detainer 	
 Title to Propert y 
 Condemnation/Eminent Domain 
 Other Real Property  
 Negligence – Auto 
 Negligence – Medical/Dental 
 Negligence – Premises Liability  
 Negligence – Other   	
 Product Liability 
  Product Liability/Motor Vehicle 
 Other Torts/Product Liability  	
 Intentional Misconduct 
 Torts/Defamation (Libel/Slander) 
  Interfere with Contract Rights 	
 Employment Torts 	(Wrongful termination)  	
 Other Torts 
 Legal Tort  
 Unfair Competition	 	
Estimated Estate Value:        	 	
 Summary Administration 
 General Administration 
 Special Administration  
 Set Aside Estates 
 Individual Trustee 
 Corporate Trustee 	
 Other Probate 
 Construction Defect 
 Chapter 40 
 Breach of Contract  
 Building & Construction 
 Insurance Carrier 
 Commercial Instrument 
 Other Contracts/Acct/Judgment 
  Collection of Actions 
 Employment Contract 
 Sale Contract 
  Uniform Commercial Code  	
 Civil Petition for Judicial Review  
 Foreclosure Mediation 
  Other Administrative Law 
  Department of Motor Vehicles  
  Worker’s Compensation Appeal	 	
 Appeal from Lower Court	 (also check 
applicable civil case box)  	
 	  Transfer from Justice Court 
  Justice Court Civil Appeal 	
 Civil Writ 
  Other Special Proceeding 	
 Other Civil Filing  
  Compromise of Minor’s Claim  
  Conversion of Property  
  Damage to Property  
 Employment Security  
 Enforcement of Judgment 
  Foreign Judgment – Civil 
  Other Personal Property  
 Recovery of Property  
 Stockholder Suit 
  Other Civil Matters 	
III. Business Court Requested	  (Please check applicable category;  for Clark or Washoe Counties only .)	 	
  Signature of initiating party or representative

Nevada AOC – Research and Statistics Unit   Form PA 201 
   Rev. 2.5E 
Plaintiff/Petitioner (name/address/phone):	  
Attorney (name/address/phone):	  	
Defendant/Respondent/Co-Pet itioner (name/address/phone):	  
Attorney (name/address/phone):	  	
II. Nature of Controversy	 (Place X in applicable bold category and anot her in applicable subcategory, if available)   	
 Guardianship of an Adult 
 Guardianship of a Minor 
 Guardianship Trust 
Estimated Estate Value:        	
 Marriage Dissolution Case  
  Divorce – With children 
  Divorce – Without children 
 Foreign Decree  
  Joint Petition – With children 
  Joint Petition – Without children  
 Separate Maintenance 	
 UIFSA Case (formerly URESA) 
 Termination of Parental Rights  
 Miscellaneous Domestic Relations 
 Name Change 
  Permission to Marry  
 Other Family  	
 Mental Health   
 Request for Temporary Protective Order   
 Miscellaneous Juvenile 
Children involved in this case: 
Name:         DOB:       
Name:         DOB:       
Name:         DOB:       
Date     Signature of Preparer
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