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Waiver of Rights from Adoptees Guardian, Custodian or Spouse

In the case of the adoptee’s guardian, spouse or custodian wanting to waiver their legal rights, they are required to use the following form. This has been approved by the Board of District Court Judges December 17, 2010, and revised April 1, 2012.

Vehicle Identification Number and Odometer Verification

The following Affidavit has to be executed by the rightful owner of the concerned vehicle. The vehicle’s owner has to physically inspect the vehicle and make sure of its condition. The owner is required to record the vehicle’s identification information such as the identification number, the odometer reader, and its . . . Read more

Unemployment Deferment Form

The Unemployment Deferment.pdf form is used in order to allow the borrower on a debt to postpone payments of the mentioned debt due to being out of a job. In the case of this happening, you are required to fill and submit the following form.

Utah Voter Registration Form

The following document is the Utah Voter Registration form. This document is used for registering for voting in the State of Utah. You are required to fill this form and submit it to the state office in order to register.

United State Service Academies Nomination Recommendation Form

The following Letter of Recommendation form has to be completed by the candidate’s evaluator. The evaluators are required to give analysis and make comments that will be stated in the form which will assist in determining the nomination of the candidate as one of the nation’s service academies: U.S. Military Academy, U.S. Naval . . . Read more