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Petition for Adoption

The following petition is the primary form submitted in case of adopting an adult or minor child. Other supporting documents in addition to the original birth certificate of the child being adopted are also required.

Petition for Adoption

In the State of Pennsylvania, this form is to be used in drafting a petition for adoption.[rawlink][/rawlink]

P-405, Alaska Adoption Petition

The following petition is carried out by the adoptive parent who is in that case, the petitioner requesting an adoption action in court. In this consent form, the Superior Court of Alaska has a jurisdiction over the adoption proceedings.

P-410, Alaska Consent to Stepparent Adoption

You have to complete all the required items in the form. You must make sure to state on oath or affirm the veracity of all statements. The form has to be notarized by the Notary Public or the Clerk of Court or any other personnel authorized for administering oaths.