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Small Estates Affidavit

This affidavit is for the use of an affiant seeking to manage the estate of a decedent who failed to appoint a property administrator/executor/fiduciary.

Small Estate Affidavit

Through the execution of this form, an applicant declares under oath that the value of her/his estate is below $50,000. Assessed value disregards location but considers liens and encumbrances. A copy of the affidavit must be forwarded to the Department of Revenue. Inheritance tax dues must also be paid.

Small Estate Settlement by Affidavit

Regarding the collection and distribution of a decedent’s personal property, the Washington Law provides a simpler alternative to the formal probate. Under this law, the individual entitled to the deceased’s estate can claim the subject property by presenting the Affidavit of Successor to the parties (either institutions or persons) managing . . . Read more