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Annual Report Extension Request

An Arizona-based corporation that was unable to file its Annual Report and Certificate of Disclosure within the allowed period must send an Annual Report Extension Request to the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Affidavit of Non Responsibility

If a vehicle was stolen or under the care of another individual at the time it was reported for a traffic violation, the vehicle’s legal owner must execute this affidavit to evade the charges.

Affidavit of Diligent Search and Inquiry

An affiant who wishes to obtain a constructive service (otherwise known as service by publication) in a civil case must execute this affidavit. To complete this form, type or print the entries in blank ink. Upon completion, affiant must sign the completed form in the presence of a notary public . . . Read more

Affidavit of Debt

To officially declare the amount owed by the Defendant, the Petitioner or the Agent of the Petitioner must execute this affidavit and attach the supporting documents.

Affidavit of No Tax Due

Franchise owners who do not engage in the sale of retail merchandise must execute this affidavit so that they will be exempted from paying the sales tax collected by the State of Missouri’s Department of Revenue.

Affidavit of Affixation

An affiant who executes this affidavit confirms that s/he owns the constructed home and this home shall be permanently affixed to his/her real estate records. Moreover, affiant affirms the following additional information: (1) home is characterized by site-built housing features; (2) home is part of the land; (3) home’s construction . . . Read more

Affidavit of Complaint for Unlawful Towing

If a vehicle was towed off a private/public property and the vehicle owner deems the towing to be illegal, s/he can file a formal complaint against the person who authorized the towing by executing this affidavit. Proceeding with this action is pursuant to the Nevada Revised Statutes 487.039. [rawlink] – . . . Read more

Affidavit of Age

In the State of New Mexico, an individual aged 75 years or older may execute this affidavit to request permanent exemption from jury service for age-related reasons/complications. [rawlink] of Age-Request for Perm Jury Exemption.pdf[/rawlink]