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Special Power of Attorney, US Bankruptcy Court

In the Special Power of Attorney, the claimant authorizes any person or corporation as his/her attorney-in-fact to execute his power of attorney in his/her or its behalf. This includes attending meetings with the creditors of the debtor, among other involved personnel.

Power of Attorney State of Hawaii Department of Taxation

The Form N-848 (REV. 2012)  form is the  Department of Taxation Power of Attorney for the State of Hawaii. The Department of Taxation Power of Attorney consists of parts such as Representative. Tax Matters, Power of Attorney, Acts Authorized, Retention/Revocation of Prior Power(s) of Attorney and Signature of Taxpayer(s).

Power of Attorney for Motor Vehicle Mobile Home or Vessel

The following Power of Attorney has to be carried out by the owner or co-owner appointing an individual to be the lawful attorney-in-fact in applying for an original or duplicate Certificate of Title, among others. The completed form has to be submitted to the Local Tax Collector’s Office.

OAO 154 (10 and 03) Substitution of Attorney

The legal form No. AO 154 or Consent Order Granting Substitution of Attorney is a form is related to certifying that a subject approved by the US District Court as a counsel of record in lieu of the attorney withdrawing appearance.  

Massachusetts Tax Power of Attorney Form

If you would like to assign another person to handle your tax-related matters in the State of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Tax Power of Attorney Form has to be completed and submitted.