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State of Alabama Mail-in Voter Registration Form

The following is the mail-in form used to register for a resident in the State of Alabama. If you want to update your voter record and no longer reside in your previous residence, this form can also be used. Before registering and voting, there are several other requirements and documents . . . Read more

State of Alabama Postcard Voter Registration Form

The following is applicable to citizens of the United States only. This form is used for voter registration in the State of Alabama. This form can also be used to update a voter registration record where there has been a change to the registered address. Voters must meet all qualifications . . . Read more

Program Evaluation Form

Program Evaluation Form.pdf Program Evaluation Form.doc Use to classify how good or poor the preformance of a program.[rawlink][/rawlink]

Psychiatric Evaluation Form

The Psychiatric Evaluation form is used by patients receiving a psychiatric evaluation as an intake form. [rawlink][/rawlink]

Power of Attorney State of Hawaii Department of Taxation

The Form N-848 (REV. 2012)  form is the  Department of Taxation Power of Attorney for the State of Hawaii. The Department of Taxation Power of Attorney consists of parts such as Representative. Tax Matters, Power of Attorney, Acts Authorized, Retention/Revocation of Prior Power(s) of Attorney and Signature of Taxpayer(s).