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Parenting Proceeding Affidavit

According to the law, an affidavit has to be filed and served with the first pleading filed by each party in every parenting (custody/visitation) proceeding in this Court, including Dissolutions, Domestic Violence Petitions, and Divorces. All parties involved in the divorce are obliged to inform the Court of any parenting proceeding . . . Read more

Parenting Proceeding Affidavit

Each party involved in a parenting proceeding, either for custody/visitation rights, is required by the law to fulfill this affidavit and file it with the Court.

Partys Affidavit for Fees and Costs

In a court case, should an involved individual decide to request for advance payment of attorney fees and other legal costs from the other involved party, s/he must execute this affidavit.

Paupers Affidavit

By executing this affidavit, the affiant officially declares that s/he lacks the funds or other sources of income necessary for the payment of an attorney’s fees and other costs entailed by the case. When executed, affiant becomes subjected to penalties of perjury.

Petitioners Affidavit of Eligibilty

This affidavit must be executed by an accused individual seeking to declare any of the following statements: (1) has no prior conviction for any of the infractions enumerated in ORS 181.594(4); (2) has not been adjudicated for a conduct that can be considered as a violation listed in ORS 181.594(4); . . . Read more

Plaintiffs Affidavit of Debtors Waiver of Rights

By executing this affidavit, the Plaintiff asserts that the Defendant is financially capable as of the signing of the document including the provision for judgment by confession. In this affidavit, the Plaintiff also presents details of the Defendant’s waiver.

Pennsylvania Affidavit of Validity

By executing this affidavit, affiant declares that s/he will be representing the Plaintiff in the case. Moreover, when fulfilling the affidavit, affiant must indicate the names of the Plaintiff and the Defendant.

Property Affidavit

This affidavit must be executed if: (1) affiant is a party involved in a recently filed divorce, civil union dissolution, legal separation, or annulment and s/he has minor children with the other party; (2) affiant and the other party were required by the Court to file this form; (3) affiant . . . Read more