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B2050 Notice to Creditors and Other Parties in Interest


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B2050 (Form 205 0) (12/15)  	
United States Bankruptcy Court  	
_______________ District Of _______________  	
In re                                                                         \
Case No. _________ 
Address:                                                                          \
Chapter __________ 
Last four digits of Social- Security or Individual Taxpayer -       
Identification (ITIN) No(s).,(if any):                                  
Employer Tax- Identification (EIN) No(s).(if any):          
Notice is given that:	 
        Clerk of the Bankruptcy Court 
        Deputy Clerk	
Date: ___________________   	 	
* Set forth all names, including trade names, used by the debtor(s) wi\
the last 8 years. For joint debtors, set forth the last four digits of b\
social-security numbers or individual taxpayer- identification numbers.
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Notifying the organization will begin that approach. The charge card provider sells that off to a collection provider for $100. Your charge card business will provide several consolidation alternatives for you to pick from.

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