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Arkansas LLLP Application For Registration Form


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1.The  name  of the  Limited  Liability  Limited Partnership  is:
2. The  street  address  of the  principal  office  of the  Limited  Liability  Limited Partnership  is:
The  name  and Arkansas  street address  of the  agent  for service  of process  for the  Limited  Liability  Limited Partnership  is:	
4.The  general  character  of business  to be  transacted  in the  State  of Arkansas  is:
The Limited Partnership  Agreement permits the Limited Partnership to become a Limited Liability \
Limited partnership;
If the  Limited  Partnership  Agreement does not provide  for the  Limited  Partnership  to become  a Limited  Liability
Limited Partnership so that this change was made with the approval (i)\
 by all general partners, and (ii) by the lim -
ited  partners,  or by  each  class  or group  of limited  partners,  and in either  case by limited  partners  who own more
than  fifty percent  (50%) of the  current  percentage  or other  interest  in the  profits  of the  limited  partnership  owned
by  all of the  limited  partners  or by  the  limited  partners  in each  class  or group.
6.  The  partner(s)  acknowledges  that he/she  is authorized  to execute  the application:
(Partner)                                                             \
I understand  that knowingly  signing a false  document  with the intent  to file  with  the Arkansas  Secretary  of
State  is a Class  C misdemeanor  and is punishable  by a fine  up to $100.00  and/or imprisonment  up to 30
A F F I D A	V I T	
Subscribed  and sworn  to before  me, a Notary  Public,  within and for the  county  of                                              , and
the  State  of Arkansas  this                           day of                                                             ,                     .	
Notary Public
Filing  Fee: $50.00  payable  to Arkansas  Secretary  of State Rev. 4/06	
Application  for the  Registration  of Limited  Liability  Limited Partnership	
(Please Type  or Print)	
Arkansas Secretary of State
M	ark	M	artin	
Business & Commercial Services, 250 \bictory Buil\fing, 1401 W. Capitol, Little Rock	
State Capitol • Little Rock, Arkansas 722011094
5016823409 •
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