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Arkansas LLC Conversion From Partnership Form

To apply for the transformation of any type of partnership into an LLC, the fulfilled version of this form must be sent to Arkansas’ Secretary of State’s office.Download

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For Conversion  From Partnership  or Limited  Partnership
to  Limited  Liability  Company
(Act  479 of 1997)	
The  undersigned  hereby states that the partnership/limited  partnership state below  was converted  to a limited  lia-
bility  company , as  approved  by all of the  partners  or by  a number  or percentage  of the  partners  specified  for con-
version  in the  partnership  agreement.  If the  entity  was a limited  partnership,  the certificate  of limited  partnership  is
canceled  as of the  effective  date of the  conversion.
1. Former  Name of Partnership  or Limited  Partnership:
2. Number  of votes  cast by partners: For Against
If  less  than  unanimous,  the number  or percentage  required for approval:
3. Effective  Date (if later  than date filed with the Secretary  of State):
I understand that knowingly signing a false document with the intent to \
file with the  Arkansas Secretary of State
is  a Class  C misdemeanor  and is punishable  by a fine  up to $100.00  and/or imprisonment  up to 30  days.	
Signature  of authorized  manager, member  or person  forming  this Company:	
Authorizing  Officer  (Type  or Print)
Authorized  Signature                                                               \
A F F I D A	V I T	
State of
County  of
Subscribed  and sworn  to before  me, a Notary  Public,  within and for the  county  of                                               ,
and  the State  of Arkansas  this                           day of                                                             ,                     .
My  commission  expires:                                                         	
Signature of  Notary  Public (Please  apply seal below	
Please  note that this form  may be filed  only in conjunction  with the Articles  of Organization
form  for Limited  Liability  Companies.
Filing Fee: $15.00  payable  to Arkansas  Secretary  of State	Rev . 4/06	
Arkansas Secretary of State
M	ark	M	artin	
Business & Commercial Services, 250 \bictory Buil\fing, 1401 W. Capitol, Little Rock	
State Capitol • Little Rock, Arkansas 722011094
5016823409 •
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