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Application for a Renewal or Duplicate License for Alabama Drivers Temporarily Out of State


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Military  personnel  and  their  dependents  residing  out 
of  state,  college  students  enrolled  full-time  out  of  state , employees 	
temporarily placed  on assignment out  of state,  missionaries  serving  out  of  state,  and  individuals  under  a  doctor ’s  care  out  of 
state  may  complete  the  following  information  to  request  a  renewal  or  duplicate  Driver  License,  if  they  have  obtained  an 
Alabama  Driver  License  with  their  picture  and  signature  in  the  last  four  years.  A  Renewal	
 License may  be applied  for  180 
days prior  to current expiration date.  F ull   Name   Social   Security   Number  
Alabama   Driver   License   Number   Expiration   Date   Date   of   Birth  
Update the   following  
Information      No  changes   to  
current   information   Height   Weight   Organ   Donor   (circle   one)  
Yes   No  
Alabama   Residence   Street   Address   (do   not   use   a   PO   Box)   Apartment   or   Suite   #  
City   Zip   Code   County  
If  you   are   registered   to   vote,   a   change   of   address   for   your   Alabama   residence   will   update   your   voter   registration   record   unless  you   check   this   box.    
Daytime   Phone   Number   Email   Address   (   check   if   you   would   like   renewal   reminder)  
Out   of State  Information  
Reason for   being   out  
of state       [ ]   Military Personne l /Dependent        [ ]   Out of State Full - Time Student     [  ] Out of State Employment  
           [ ] Missionary Serving Out of State      [ ] Under Doctor ’ s Care Out of State  
Care of, (C/O) , if  
applic able  
      Mailing Address   Address    A partment   or   Suite   #  
City   Province/Territory/State   Country   Postal   Code  
Supporting documents 
to be  included with form:  [ 
] Military : 	
Enclose  1) a copy  of military picture  ID 	card (required for service  members  and dependents) and  2)    military orders. 
[  ]  Student: Enclose current full-time  enrollment verification 
[  ] Employee : Enclose a le tter, on letterhead, from  your  employer  verifying you are temporarily  out of state on assignment 
(dependents  may be referenced,  if applicable). 
[  ] Missionary : Enclose a letter, on  letterhead, from your church  or sponsor verifying you  are servi ng out of state. 
[  ]  Under  a Do ctor ’s Care:   Enclose  a le tter, on the  doctor ’s letterhead or  notepad, verifying you are receiving medical  treatment out 
of  state. 
Foreign nationals are not eligible  to apply for  a license  by mail. Star  ID cannot  be issued by mail. 
Original Signature required  to authorize  a change of address on the Alabama Driver License (see reverse page). 	
DL-100 	1 of  2  11/18/2015 This   request   is   for  a:   (please   select)     Duplicate     Renewal     Information Update  Application   for   a   Renewal   or   Duplicate   License   for   Alabama   Drivers   Temporarily   Out   of   State  A LABAMA   L AW   E NFORCEMENT   A GENCY  
Driver License  Division

Voter 	Declaration	 - Read	 and	 Sign Under	 Penalty	 of Perjury 	 	 	
I am	 a U.S.	 citizen	 	
I am	 a legal	 resident	 of the	 State	 of 	Alabama	 	
I will	 be 	at least	 18 	years	 of age	 on or	 before	 	
Election	 Day	 	
I am	 not 	barred	 from	 voting	 by reason	 of a 	
disqualifying	 felony	 conviction	 	
I have	 not	 been	 judged	 "mentally	 	
incompetent"	 in a court	 of law	 	
I solemnly	 swear	 or affirm	 to support	 and	 defend	 the	 constitution	 of the	 	
United	 States	 and	 the	 State	 of Alabama	 and	 further	 disavow	 any	 belief	 	
or 	affiliation	 with	 any	 group	 which	 advocates	 the	 overthrow	 of  the	 	
governments	 of the	 United	 States	 or the	 State	 of Alabama	 by unlawful	 	
means	 and	 that	 the	 information	 contained	 herein	 is true,	 so help	 me	 	
Driver License 	Division	 	
Mail	 this	 form,	 supporting	 documents	 	
and	 a payment 	to: 	
Alabama	 Law	 Enforcement	 Agency	  	
Driver License 	Division	 	
PO	 Box	 1471	 	
Montgomery	 AL 36102	-1471	 	
Money	 order	 or Certified	 Bank	 Draft	 made	 payable	 to the 	ALEA	 Licensing	 Services	 	
Division	. No	 personal	 checks	 please.	 	
$31.25	 Any	 License	 Duplicate	 	
$36.25	 Standard License,	 Motorcycle,	 Vessel 	& CDL	 Class	 C Renewal	 	
$56.25	 CDL Class	 B Renewal	 	
$66.25	 CDL	 Class	 A Renewal	 	
No	 Fee	 Information	 Update	 Only	 	
The	 decision to	 register	 to vote	 is yours. 	If you	 decide	 to register	 to vote,	 the	 office	 at which	 you	 are 	submitting	 	
this	 application	 will	 remain	 confidential	 and	 will	 be	 used	 only	 for	 voter	 registration purposes. 	If you decline	 to 	
register,	 your	 decision	 will	 remain	 confidential	 and	 will	 be	 used	 only 	for	 voter	 registration	 purposes.	 All	 	
information 	in the	 “Driver	 Information”	 section	 on	 the	 previous 	page	 must	 be	 filled	 out.	 	
Deadline for	 submitting	 application	: Voter	 registration 	and	 updating 	of voter	 records	 is closed	 during the	 14	 days	 	
prior	 to each election 	in 	Alabama.	 	 	
  Completion	 of 	the	 following	 information	 is optional	  	 	
Address	 where	 	
you	 last	 	
registered 	to 	
Street	 Address	 	City	 	County	 	State	 	Zip Code	 	
If you	 falsely	 sign this	 statement,	 you 	can	 be	 convicted 	and	 imprisoned	 for	 up to five 	years.	 	
  	 	 	Voter	 Signature	 	Date	 	
2 of 2 	
Voter	 Registration	 	
Please	 send	 me	 a duplicate	 or 	renewal	 of my	 driver	 license	 with	 the	 updated information listed	 above.	 The	 	
information	 I have provided 	in 	this	 application	 is true	 and accurate.	 	
Driver	 Signature	 	Date
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