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Affidavit to Accompany Application for Marriage License

This affidavit is used to allow the applicant for a marriage license to make an under-oath statement to accompany that application for obtaining a marriage license in the State of Colorado.


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Application NÂș	_________	 	
The undersigned, being first duly sworn, states upon oath:	 	
1. My name is: ____________________________________	___	_________________________	 	
2. I do not have a social security number 	 	
3. In reliance	 upon C.R.S. 14	-14	-113(1)(a), I am making this sworn statement to accompany my 	
application for a Colorado marriage license. 	 	
Signature of Applicant: ________________________________	_______	__________________	 	
Subscribed and affirmed, or sworn to, before me in 	the County of    ______________________, 	 	
State of ______________________________ this _______ day of ______________, 20 _____. 	 	
Witness my hand and official seal. 	 	
Notary Signature/County Clerk & R	ecorder/Deputy County Clerk
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Affidavits are utilised to prove facts, for many different legal explanations. Such affidavit has to be executed by somebody who isn't a patient at any mental institution. A sworn affidavit is one which's made under oath before a notary. The man to make an affidavit is known as the affiant. Consequently, you can be confident if you make an affidavit that you're employing the skilled documents you demand.
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The lawyer must inform the customer the way the practice works and must get the customer's written consent. He may also clarify his or her role, and must volunteer such information if the self-represented person misunderstands the attorney's role in the matter. You're not required to have a lawyer in Court, but you could hire one in case you wish. Also both attorneys will have to attend the deposition, which might take up to a number of hours. Furthermore, legal counsel may advise a self-represented person to find counsel and might also refer a self-represented litigant to find assistance from a court-sponsored self-help program. Intake procedure and drafting Rhode Island divorce Documents when you have retained the lawyer there's typically an intake procedure where the lawyer receives the simple information so he or she is able to properly represent you.

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